Best Fun Games For Couples- 10 Amazing games to spark the love again

A monotonous routine of the day can make you and your partner feel extremely dull. And in most cases, it kills your romantic feelings for them. Therefore, to keep that spark alive in your relationships you definitely need some fun moments to enjoy with each other. Many times, you might feel like you are just sharing your room with a boy! That’s it! It is just because everything seems so regular. So, the only key to get rid of that monotony is to have changes in your daily routine. Like you can plan some interesting fun games to play with each other every week or some romantic, sexual naughty games to spice up your sex life!

Most of the time you get this idea, but you eventually tend to drop this as you don’t get the perfect game with which you can move ahead. You have landed the perfect place for the search of “Fun Games For Couples”

In this post, we have compiled the BEST FUN GAMES FOR COUPLES that will bring back the lost spark in your relationship. Pick anyone and see the magic happening between you two.

10 Games For Couples

1. The Picture Game

It is definitely not a bad thing to make your own rules while playing any sexy and romantic game. We all love it right! This is one of the easiest but very interesting games for couples. All you have to do is, Take a cubical box and put a variety of pictures on each side. Like kissing, cuddling, biting an ear and well, you know a lot more.

Take turns to throw the box as dice and your boo obviously has to do what the picture displays. Execute whatever is displayed by the picture. Making the moment more intense after each and every turn. Well, the naughtier, the better.

2. Romantic And Sexy Scrabble

We all have played crosswords and word scramble when we were kids. But you know what, this game can also be played in a very interesting way. Let me tell you how! MAKE YOUR OWN RULES. That’s it. You can keep any specific category of words like strip scrabble, kiss scrabble and kink scrabble.

Make the rules like, after a certain number of points your partner has to kiss you or remove a piece of clothing. These are just two examples of rules. You can make as many hot and naughty rules for this couple game. This is a must-play game for couples that will definitely heat things up and will lead to a more experimenting and fun relationship.

3. Sink The Ship

Sink the ship is a very popular fun game for couples. It is extremely simple to understand, all you need to do is, just pour your drink in the shot glass, that will be floating in a bigger glass. Your aim is not to allow the shot glass to sink!

However, there are a million possible ways to play the game in a more romantic and seducing way. Ask your love to play this amazing couple game with you, and whoever is losing has to do what other person asks them to do. You can use your imagination to be more creative with the punishments. You can also bring the twist in the game anytime you want by including more naughty and wilder punishments.

4. Pretzel Challenge

Well, do you guys even remember, when was the last time you both cooked together in the kitchen? No, RIght! So if it has been so long it’s the correct time to drag your bae to the kitchen and start cooking together. You can cook something like pretzels and also you can compete against each other.

Cooking with your partner in the kitchen is a lot more than cooking. We all know that right? To make the game even more interesting, you can set some time limits. Whoever cooks faster and better will get a chance to make their partner do whatever they want. For example, ask him to take you out for shopping, or your favorite eating place or anything you want at that particular moment.

5. Never Have I Ever

Never have I Ever is a very easy and interesting game for couples to play. If you both are at home together on a weekend, that’s the perfect time to start with this fun game. Just get a piece of paper or cardboard and write “Never” on one side and “I Have” on the other side. That’s it. You are all set, to begin with, this beautiful game.

Now, you can start asking questions to your partner. For eg, “if you say I have been caught while kissing someone in public” You and your partner will show your placards at the same time. if it doesn’t apply to you show the side that says “Never”. But if it does apply to you then show the other side that says “I have”. This way you can get a lot to know about your partner. Also, you can make the game more dirty by asking sexy and fantasies related questions to each other. In this way, you also get a chance to explore more about each other.

6. Truth Or Dare Game

Truth or Dare can never get old. We all have been playing this game since we were kids, but yes the intensity of the game has been changing a lot. All you have to do in this funny couple game is to ask questions to your partner, they may range from funny to serious. Your partner decides by taking the decision. If truth, then things might heat up, but if dare, you can do plenty of things to give your relationship a different track.

7. Copy Cat Movie

Watching a movie together is never a bad idea. So, this valentine’s day or anytime you want you can just play a rom-com movie and reenact the acts happening in the movie. To make this game spicier you can be better at the selection of your movies. Also, this can bring in a good twist in your monotonous and regular foreplay sessions. Well, a lot more can go with these enacting scenes. One of the best fun couple games to romanticize with your partner.

8. An Eye For An Eye

This is another interesting way to increase the level of attraction and intimacy with your partner. An Eye For An Eye-fun couple game turns out to be excellent for the couples who have been together for years, and even for married couples.

All you have to do is to stare in each other’s eyes and whoever blinks first has to bear the punishment. Keep very fun and erotic punishment. Which is definitely enjoyable for both of you. This game will amp up your attraction level with your partner for sure.

9. Roleplay

One of the most interesting couple games that you should definitely try. This is a super flirty game that will not only make your relationship more interesting but will also create a different spark in your sexual life as well. Look up the characters that you and your partner like and pretend to be those characters, privately and publically. I bet you, it will be next-level fun.

Not only this, but you can also pick the outfits according to those characters and use the specific type of mannerisms used by them.

10. Two Truth And A Lie

Two Truth and A Lie is a good game for the couples who have just entered a new relationship. You can also play this game as an opportunity to know more about each other. To play this game you and your partner will take turns telling one false thing and two true things. The other person has to guess which among the following statement is a lie.


Playing games is definitely fun with your partner. In this way, you can spend a good amount of quality time with each other, and not just that you will also learn something new about your bae. So, try out this collection of Best Fun Couple Games with your partner and feel the new spark in your relationship.