Well, don’t you just hate that moment, when you don’t have the perfect piece of lingerie for your outfit. It sucks, right? We all have faced this situation, and we know the pain. The right bra magically defines the appearance of the outfit, whereas a wrong bra can completely ruin the pleasant look of your outfit. Therefore, every woman should be versed with the types of bras available in the market and the outfits they go with.

Therefore, In this article, we have enlisted the 8 TYPES OF BRA EVERY GIRL SHOULD OWN. Make sure your lingerie drawer has these types of bra. No matter what life throws at you, at least you’ll have plenty of support.



In every list, the T-shirt bra has to be on the top. No matter what. Afterall there are obvious reasons for this. T-shirt bra has a smooth and seamless texture, therefore it eliminates the concerns of bra lines showing under your fitted tops and t-shirts. Well, the bra is not limited only to your tees and tops. The smooth, curved molded cups perfectly hug your boobs form, giving you a spectacular look.

The T-shirt bra creates a beautiful silhouette under your body-hugging T-shirt, tops and even kurtas. It doesn’t matter you are going for a casual date or an early morning class, just slip on your T-shirt bra under your everyday casual wear and you are good to go!


Well, if you are fond of wearing sexy, sheer and backless tops, dresses or gowns like me, a backless bra is definitely important in your lingerie drawer. Backless bras come in various different forms these days. You can opt for the style of silicon cups that stick to your bust and give you the best coverage.

We highly recommend transparent strap bras for curvy women for the required support and don’t stand out.


pushup bra

To add some drama to your casual outfit, you must have a push-up bra. The push-up bra is based on the simple mechanism of adding lift and volume to the boobs, so that they look symmetric, closer and fuller. For starters, a push-up bra is the best option to go with which make their breasts stand out up to the chest.

The different degrees of padding help to define the curves and enhances the cleavage show. The level 1 push up bra gives a very little lift whereas the level 2 adds push to the whole cup size. The level 3 push up bra is absolutely perfect for any sexy style. With the perfect push up bra, your low v-neck tops and form-fitting dresses can look more stunning.


I really feel a strapless bra is a blessing for us. Meddling with our regular bras is really a turn-off and a mood killer. Therefore, the strapless bras should be there in your lingerie drawer for the rescue. These bras are good for strappy sleeves and off-shoulder styles. You can get various types of strapless bra in the market or online.

Always look for the details like plastic reinforced side, internal gel strips, wired, panels and sides to ensure that your bra stays up. The one thing to keep in mind with these bras is, that you have to go down one step smaller. Because the band is like a one-man army holding the girls together!


The bralette is a kind of bra that comes between a crop top and a bra. It is a non-padded, non-wired and non-structured bra. Sounds interesting, right! You can get unlimited choices in this segment. Also, you will never feel like you are wearing an undergarment.

The bralette doesn’t come with any hard and fast rules. They can go with any backless, sheer tops, shirts and can also be worn as a crop top itself. The looks in the bralette are always sexy and spectacular.


Lingerie and bras are getting expensive day by day. therefore, you cannot afford to buy all sorts of bra at once. A multi-way or a convertible bra is the one, that should be owned by every woman. And by the name only, it is very obvious, why to own it. The multi-way bras come with a variety of combinations.

Being the master of all the bras, it comes with detachable straps which allow multi-way styling with one strap, two straps, cross shoulder, criss-cross halter and even strapless. This one bra serves many purposes.


Lace is sensuous and sophisticated. You will never run out of options when it comes to lace bras. It gives a touch of delicacy to your personality. whether it is about to look sexy in front of your man or to yourself. Also, when it comes to the functionality of the lace bras, they can be easily paired with some light sheer tops and deep neck tops or dresses. The laces part showed off works an intimate accessory for your outfit.

The lace bras are so in trend right now and are also known as the statement bras. Therefore, do not forget to add at least one in your lingerie collection.


Everyone goes for a morning or evening jog or a run. Have you ever noticed, when you run or jog with a normal bra it gives an odd bounce to your boobs which is noticed easily? Yes right! Therefore, a sports bra is a must if you work out or like to go running. The full coverage feature of the sports bra makes your workout extremely comfortable.

While getting a sports bra, you need to focus on the band, cup and the straps. You can choose the bra according to your needs. A low impact bra will be good for yoga, hiking and walking whereas a high impact bra will be needed for gymming and other rigorous exercises.


So, this was the list of the 8 types of bras that every woman should own. It is really important to have all sorts of bras in your wardrobe to look flawlessly amazing in all of your outfits. Try to add all these types of bras in your collection. For any other queries, drop your comments in the comment section.