Clothing Hacks Every Man Should Know In 2020

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Best Clothing Hacks Every Guy Needs To Know in 2020

Basically, the majority of guys don’t know much about fashion, style and clothing hacks. Because girls have always been interested in all of this more than guys. There is a lot of competition these days as many guys have also stepped up the game by putting a lot of effort in their dressing game.

To sum up I can say that men’s fashion is pretty simple as compared to girls. There isn’t much to do. All you have to do is to be selective. To make it easier for you, I have compiled some amazing clothing hacks that you can start using to elevate your style game. So, let’s get started.

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7 Best Clothing Hacks For Men

If we go into depth, there can be millions of clothing hacks for men. But below mentioned are the basics and the timeless clothing hacks that will never go out of the league. So let’s start!

#1. No More Wrinkly Clothes!– Best Clothing Hacks

best clothing hacks

If you’re running late and your clothes are wrinkly; for example, you’re not gonna have time to iron them and to get the wrinkles off. Right so here is what you should do instead.

If you’re gonna take a hot shower that day just hang the clothes in the bathroom and close the door, The hot steam of the shower is gonna help loosen up some of those wrinkles. That way you’ll get clean and also you’re getting a shower and getting rid of those wrinkles at the same time.

If you already had a shower that day and if you find out that you’re closer wrinkly. After then just use a water bottle with a spray nozzle and just stretch out the fabric then spray it with water. Don’t soak it but get a nice coat of water in the wrinkles and then just stretch them out that’s it.

Having one of these water bottle sprays by my closet has been super clutch. A bunch of times I even bring this with me when I travel because it’s so much easier than getting an iron from a hotel.

# 2. Use Shirt Stays!

clothing hacks

Next, if you’d like to keep your shirts tucked in but they don’t like to stay tucked in then learn the magic of shirts. Days if you don’t know what a shirt day it’s fine. It sucks man it looks horrible. When your shirt has wrinkles. shirt stays are a super affordable and easy way to fix this problem.

They’re easy to use. No one’s even going to notice that you’re actually wearing any of them. Which is the best part. They pull your shirt down and make your outfit look amazingly very crisp. Not too many guys even know about this which is mindblowing to me because it is a game-changer all right you go from having to wreak tuck every five minutes to not having to worry about it ever again!

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#3. Get A Stylist!– Stylish Clothing Hacks

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One of the best tips that I can give you especially for the guys who are just starting to learn about style is to get a professional stylist. To help you. Every celebrity every athlete everyone who’s on TV looks amazing. And you’re jealous of them. Well, they have a professional stylist that’s why they look amazing 24/7. Now u thinking that I don’t have the money to do that. It’s so expensive.

Well, that is where stitch fix comes in. Putting outfits together can be hard right? They’re not easy choices to make and if you don’t know what you’re doing then you’re gonna spend a bunch of money on things that you might not even wear ever. That is why stitch fix is so awesome. You just have to sign up online. There you fill out a detailed style profile and then one of their expert’s stylists is gonna go and hand-select clothing and accessories just for you and for your lifestyle.

It is a genius. It’s like having a personal stylist with you at all times. And then the best part is that you get the box at home right! With your amazing new clothes pick by a stylist. And you can send anything you don’t like back to them. And you only pay for what you keep. It’s so smart that way you’re only paying for what you absolutely love. So stop guessing what you should be wearing and take your style game to the next level.

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Next up one of my pet peeves is called the shoulder nipple. Do you guys know what that is? It’s when your shirt or your sweater gets stretched out right here on the shoulder from being on the hanger for too long. You can see it from a mile away. When a guy’s wearing a sweater and there’s like a huge stretch mark and to avoid that all you have to do is only hang woven shirts and fold a knitted shirt.

For example, you get a bunch of your clothes from stitch fix right they look awesome they fit you perfectly why would you ruin it by hanging. Some of those delicate sweaters up. No way man! So the way I separate my clothes in my closets is very simple all right. I never hang any sweaters they’re too heavy and they will for sure get stretched out on shoulder. So I fold them up nicely actually roll them and then organize them into my drawers.

Same for my t-shirts because they get easily stretched. You know they’re very delicate. So they go into my drawers and I don’t want to have to buy new ones all the time. Now button-up shirts, jackets, sweatshirts those I hang them up in my closet because they don’t tend to stretch out as easily. So start doing that to make sure that your clothes look good for a long time to come.

#5. LEARN TO PINROLL– Modest Clothing Hacks

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Next, you should learn how to pin roll your pants all right. I do this all the time, especially in the summertime. Just don’t be that guy dragging your jeans. You know on the ground everywhere you go it’s a terrible sloppy look. When they all fold over your shoes. You know if you don’t know this trick then well it’s about time that you use this. Alright.

It’s an amazing hack to get your jeans to look good without a lot of effort. It’s called the pin roll. You basically just pinch the extra fabric behind your heels and then you fold it once and roll it twice over that fold. That’s gonna bring that extra fabric in you. It’s gonna make your jeans look like they fit you properly. It kind of shorten them a little bit. So they’re not dragging and stacking upon your shoes.

it is an instant and free upgrade. And works really well. If you’re a sneaker guy if you’d like to show off your fresh kicks then this is the best clothing hacks for you.


clothing hacks

One of the things that guys suck at doing is laundry. And I admit I’ve ruined so many of my clothes in dirty laundry. I hated doing it until I learned how to do it properly. Here is what you need to know. First separate colors from whites there’s no exception here okay. If you have a red sock with your whites guess what your white tees are now pink after you do your laundry. It’s gonna ruin your clothes.

I always separate my laundry. It isn’t that complicated just wash whites separately. That’s it. The rests are usually fine but anything white needs to be washed on its own. And don’t use hot water guys use cold or maybe warm water. Hot water is actually gonna damage the fabric that prints the color. It’s so bad for your clothes. So always switch to cold water.

#7. HAND DRY THE DELICATE:– Clothing Hacks

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Last but not least hang dry the delicate. All right. Don’t put clothes in the dryer if you don’t want to shrink them. It’s as simple as that you’re gonna get all these new clothes from your stylist at stitch fix. It all fits you perfectly right. Well not if you throw them in the dryer for an hour that’s gonna shrink everything. So if it fits you perfectly like a sweater or you know tailored pants that you got tailored just for you for your body then hang them up and let them air dry.

Guys if your clothes are smelly and it happens right it happens to everyone. It’s happened to me before if they’re smelly because maybe they’ve been in your closet for too long or in a drawer that’s getting kind of like musty and smelly during the summertime. For example, you don’t have to wash everything because they’re actually clean right.

Here’s a hack that you should use just get a couple of dryer sheets that smell nice and fresh and are clean and throw them with the clothes in the dryer for like 10 to 15 minutes. That’s it. It’s such an easy way to get your clothes to smell amazing and fresh again without having to wash everything for no reason. They’ve just been sitting in the drawer they’re clean. So do this to make sure that you never leave your house with a smelly sweater or t-shirt again.


So dear guys, these were the amazing clothing hacks that you need to follow to look flawless with your dressing style. For any other queries related to this, drop a comment in the comment section below.