Seriously, gone are the days, when you used to think like “who carries a dupatta”, “it looks so boring”, “it’s overwhelming”, “it is very old-fashioned” right? Earlier, everyone used to carry a small dupatta so the whole focus is on the dress. And now, it’s the “dupatta” which has all the focus. I love dupattas, I really feel they are the easiest way to add an oomph factor to your entire outfit. And who says dupattas have to look boring and be a burden to us? There are many ways to play around with one dupatta and rock your desi outfit!

Wearing a beautiful dupatta, draped perfectly not only adds value to your outfit, in fact, but it also becomes the center of attraction. And obviously, a big thanks to ever-changing styles and trends, to introduce a variety of dupattas, so that we never run out of options.

Best Dupatta Draping Styles

#1 Half Pleated pallu

One of the simplest and the easiest way to drape the dupatta is “Half Pleated Pallu”. In this draping style, all you have to do is to pleat the dupatta from one side of the shoulder and leave the fanned out part hanging in front, while you let it hang freely from the other side of the shoulder.

This method of wearing a dupatta goes really well with body-hugging Kurtis and salwar kameez as well. To turn the heads, you can also use this way to wrap the dupatta of any of your lehenga or sexy Chania choli. Perfect for all the occasions.

#2. The High Neck Style

One of the oldest ways to drape the dupatta “The High Neck Style” is definitely still in trend. Though the drape of the dupatta is very easy, still many people tend to make it a disaster. In this drape, you have to make sure that the length of dupatta is equal on both sides. Also, to make it look more clean and subtle, check if it is properly pleated rather than just gathered and put around the neck.

As the nature of the drape is very neat and clean, the draping style goes really well with Punjabi Patiala suits, sleek and casual Kurtis and some indo-western outfits as well. These days you can also use to pair it with your palazzo suits.

#3. Shawl And Cape Style

Well, if you want to get into looking more classy and elegant, this is the perfect draping style to go with. It is very simple to drape “Shawl and Cape Style”. First, you have to open your entire dupatta and wrap it behind your back. Then bring the upper hem over your shoulders. Let it folds open on the back gracefully. And last, hold the fabric on the elbows.

The shawl and cape style drape goes really well with Anarkali and heavily embroidered suits. Along with adding value to your outfit, this drape lets everyone focus on the entire work and silhouettes of the outfit also.

#4. Open And Pinned On One Side

If you want to get into showing off a little. “Open and pinned on one side” is the perfect drape for you. It is very easy to drape the dupatta in this style. Just pin it on any one of your shoulders and spread it over your arm. That’s it. This drape looks, neat prim and on point.

I usually tend to style it on my left shoulder because I like that profile. But you can always style yourself accordingly. This drape style goes well when you have heavy or flowy dupattas. it looks good on salwar kameez, lehenga, etc.

#5. Two Sided

We usually see our mothers and elder people in this style. Well, who says this is limited up to them? In fact, we youngsters can also use this draping style to get a more fuller look with our ethnic outfits. You just have to take the dupatta and wrap it around both the shoulders. With some fabric of the dupatta, you can pleat and some fabric can fall freely from the shoulders.

You can use this draping style with salwar kameez, lehenga choli, and many other indo-western outfits.

#6. Wrist And Shoulder Drape

By the name only, the draping style is very clear “wrist and shoulder drape”. This is a combination of two draping styles. If you really wanna stand out in the whole party and look really elegant this is the perfect style to go with. Take the end of your dupatta and roll the other end to your arm or wrist makes a real classy look.

I love carrying this particular style with lehenga choli, Patiala suits, and palazzo sets informal and semi-formal events. It looks absolutely stunning.

#7. Wrap Around

When you feel little earthy and rooted, this is the best draping style to go for. Take your dupatta and just wrap it around like a shawl and cover yourself with it. This draping style looks very smart and also keeps you very warm.

This draping style goes really well with big cotton or linen dupattas. which gives more bold and edgy look towards your ethnic outfit.


Dupattas these days are an integral part of the ethnic outfits. Whether to get that glamorous look or to represent yourself gracefully, carrying a dupatta is the best way to get that chic look. It is being used as an accessory these days. Various traditions and cultures have given tremendous boost in making dupattas as a statement style.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post. For more ideas and any other information comment below in the comment section.