10 Do’s And Dont’s For Tatoos- Ways To Avoid Bad Tatoos.

10 DO’s and DON’Ts For Tatoos!!! How To Avoid BAD Tatoos

What’s up, everyone? Welcome to our new post. Hopefully, you guys like it. Now I have about nine or ten tatoos which is probably a surprise to a lot of you. I have some tatoos that I absolutely love and I’ll be honest that I could have done a better job with some of the bad tatoos.

The thing is tatoos are becoming more and more common nowadays. I know way more people with bad tatoos than people that have no tatoos. Right! So that says something tatoos are very popular. But before you pull the trigger and get marked for life you should definitely read this article. Because instead of being something fun, cool, and exciting a bad tatoos is gonna haunt you for the rest of your life.

Alright let’s get started! Let’s discover do’s and dont’s for the bad tatoos.

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Do’s And Dont’s For Tatoos. Everyone Should Know Before Getting Inked


There are many people out there who want to get tattooed but still think a lot about other things. So after reading this post you will be very clear with all your doubts regarding tatoos! Let’s start.


You have to know and understand that we don’t live in a perfect world. This world of ours is ideal. That means that people are going to judge the crap out of your tattoo. Alright! At work, at school, at home with your family you,r friends everyone is gonna look at them everyone’s gonna have their opinion. It might be good or bad. Maybe you shouldn’t care about what they think because it’s your tattoo.

But we know that first impressions matter. We know that when we’re meeting someone if they see something that they don’t like it’s just a weird atmosphere in a job interview. For example, depending on the job that you want you might not want to show your tatoos right? So what I would suggest is don’t make your tatoo. The first thing that some one’s gonna notice about you when you first meet someone there should be like wow that’s the big tattoo. Oh wow, that’s a huge tattoo or those are bad tatoos or even a good tattoo that shouldn’t be the first thing that people see.

So if you’re getting your first tattoo ever. If you are a tatoos virgin then maybe don’t get something that’s very visible. Start small start hidden and then work your way up.


Guys don’t rush your tattoo. Take your time choosing your tattoo. Research about it. I just so much research before I get anything. I go on Pinterest I search for tattoos for days. I go an Instagram too.  And then I can create a variation of that tattoo based on what I really like. But it takes me months sometimes in years to decide if I really do want that tattoo. Because your mind changes, your lifestyle changes everything changes. So you want to make sure that you’re getting something that you really are going to love for the rest of your life.

The only tattoo that I rushed, I didn’t like it. I had to get it covered up. So trust me from personal experience. After that one, I washed it. I was like never again I’m not doing this again. I’m always gonna do the maximum amount of research that is needed for me to come up with a really cool design that I’m gonna live for the rest of my life.

Also, think about it you not only have to find the right design but you also have to find the right artists that can tattoo that type of design. Every artist is different. Some artists are great at portraits some are great at realistically detailed tattoos or they’re great at animals or something. You just have to be patient. There is no rush to get tattooed. Research. Think and then book your appointment.


Ask other people’s opinions. Look people that you care about. But overall don’t let them decide for you. But it’s always good to gather the people’s thoughts before anything else. Maybe you’re trying to get something and they look at it and like. Well, this kind of looks like a heart and not really a dolphin or whatever you know that. Just make sure that you’re getting other people’s opinions

So that you can see their point of view as well. And when you’re talking to people they say hey you should go to my pet – an artist. You should go to the shop that I go to. Make sure that you talk to them a lot first. And then ask him about the experience. Ask about what type of designs they usually do. Ask about the price, ask about the pain, about the cleanliness of the place, is it clean. Is it nice of course.

Just because they recommend that. It doesn’t mean that you should blindly accept and go to the same place to get that tattoo. Read reviews about the artists in the shops.

One of the things that I see a lot and I’m like what are you doing is when people travel and then they decide to get a tattoo in a random shop. Thailand and Berlin or whatever without doing any research that’s probably one of the worst decisions that you could ever make. Unless it’s a very simple tattoo. Avoid getting bad tatoos, so that you don’t have to regret later!

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Don’t get somebody else’s exact tatoos. I’ve gotten so many messages to want the same exact one. Listen I’m flattered that you like my tattoo it’s a huge compliment but I don’t really want you to get the same exact one.

Alright, my tattoos are they are meaningful. It took a long time to design. It is personal and you should be thinking the same way. Get something that is very meaningful to you. Something that you’re gonna looks at it be like yes this says this. But it means so much more than that to me. My tattoo might not be the same for you, it might not mean the same, you might not be as powerful for you.


Guys don’t get a tattoo to impress somebody. That will absolutely be a bad tatoos. This is bad if you’re walking into a tattoo shop. Just to show someone that you’re a badass or that you also like skulls or whatever. It is that you’re getting you to know they take a step back.

I really think about this. What you want or is this what somebody else wants. Why are you doing this for someone else? Because that’s not good at all. You’re gonna love forever. No one else is gonna have to live with that thing.


 On that same vein that similar idea here. Don’t get a tattoo of a girlfriend or a significant other. Look I know you love them. I know they’re like your number one priority in your life right now. But who knows it could not be forever right. I have to be pessimistic here. I don’t like it but look statistics are there and they show that about half of marriages end in divorce not what you want to hear I know.

But I’m just telling you the numbers. All right I’m just a messenger here. Look I have a tattoo for my mom and my dad and sometimes they make me mad or upset or we get into little arguments. But whether I’m 20 or 80 or a hundred years old. They’re always gonna be my parents. Alright. Same for my brothers. You know we get into little arguments here and there but I have tattoos of them as well. I’m gonna love them for the rest of my life they’re gonna be my brothers for the rest of my life. Right through your significant others that’s different so be very careful.


Don’t have a tattoo from your friend. Unless he is an amazing tattoo artist and he’s doing it. Because he’s a tattoo artist not because he’s your friend. Don’t do that. All right! Don’t just don’t go to a place and be like oh my buddy my buddy’s gonna tattoo me. Never a good idea and it goes without saying guys don’t tattoo someone.

#8. NO MATCHING TATTOOS:– Tips To Avoid Bad Tatoos

Be careful with matching tattoos. This again is one of those things. If you get a tattoo with a friend. But you end up not talking anymore. Or you know you get into a fight or who knows something worse happens. It’s just don’t even if with your girlfriend, boyfriend.

You know and then you split up and you have similar tattoos this can end very badly. You can go and get those two at the same time. You can go to the same shop, same artist and get the tattoos. But not matching tattoos because the meaning behind that is different. And that can be very bad so really think about getting matching tattoos before you ever decide to do that.


Now guys don’t tattoo your hands unless you’re a hundred percent sure that your career will not be affected by that. You should not have a negative impact on your career. If you’re working in banking accounting, or you’re going to be a lawyer. If you want to be a police officer any of those especially government-held positions and you have a tattoo on your hands it’s not very good.

The same goes for your neck. Pretty much anything that’s visible right from here. You shouldn’t get tattooed. If you’re not sure of your career moves. Yet I would say the face is off. I would say do not tattoo your face unless you’re a rapper or anything like that. And even then yeah I don’t know about face tattoos in general.


Next up guys don’t forget to follow your post-tattoo procedures. You know a lot of people think that they go to the shop. They get the tattoos, they come out and it’s like boom. It’s perfect forever. Not so much the tattoo is going to change. That’s who’s gonna lose some of the colors, some of the shapes especially. If you don’t take care of it and I mean making sure that you’re applying the cream that they provide you.

And of course making sure to reapply sun screen. If you are going into the Sun. So if you’re going to the beach. If you live somewhere like, I live in LA and it’s sunny 99% at a time. I plan on getting a lot more tattoos and I’m gonna make sure that I take good care of them. Because I want them to last for the rest of my life I don’t want them to just be a big blob of ink on my skin that is illegible. That nobody can read there nobody can see the design so I take very good care of my tattoo.


So dear guys, these were our top 10 picks for do’s and dont’s for the bad tatoos. Follow these of share with your friends who have got inked or are planning to get inked! For more amazing content stay tuned!

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