Different Types Of Socks- Trends In 2020

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TYPE OF SOCKS 2020 -Specifications On How To Choose And Wear Them

Hello fellows! Today we are going to talk about all the types of socks that you should definitely have in your closet. This post is all about different types of socks including How to wear and when to wear.

There are times when we see so many people wearing wrong socks that don’t look appropriate with their outfits. And this situation arrives only when the correct type of socks are not available in our closet. So with the help of this post, I will clear all your doubts and confusion regarding different types of socks.

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There is a mind-boggling range of socks available out there to select from. How will you realize which socks you want to purchase? On what grounds you can make sure that you’re wearing the exact socks with that particular outfit and footwear? What’s the best sock length for you according to your height?

So, these are the questions with which you have to deal before purchasing your ideal pair of socks. And with the help of this post, I will tell you how to pick the ideal socks for any moment.

Type of socks according to any occasion

1.Casual Socks

types of socks

These types of socks are everyday socks. We can wear them daily. Casual socks are very comfortable to wear and less formal. Usually, casual socks may have fun prints, pattern and calf lengths.


different types of socks

Dress Socks are generally known as formal socks. These types of socks are worn with formal clothes like evening wear, business suits, tuxedo, etc. The fabric of these types of socks is lightweight, comfortable, and is usually calf-length or over calf length. They should be formal having neutral colors like blue, brown, black, or gray.


work socks

Basically these types of socks are meant for work! Work socks should be highly durable with nice grip and support. So that you feel nice and comfortable the whole day.


types of socks

The next type of socks is the sports socks- definitely a must in the list of different types of socks. Sport socks are of calf-length, ankle-length, or knee-length socks. These types of socks are made of cotton for more comfort. Your sports socks should be comfortable, breathable, and able to hold you up while doing any intense workout. All sport sock have these features.


winter socks- types of socks

These are designed to give extra warm protection in a chilly climate – these types of socks are made of thick fleece/acrylic strands and they may likewise have additional cushioning to avoid cold.

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As the name suggests, yoga socks are worn while doing yoga. Their special attribute is that some small dots are made in them.  These dots occur in the heel area so that you can get anti-skid property. You will definitely not want to fall and skid while doing yoga. These types of socks gives you enough balance and stability even when you are doing some tough yoga moves.

Type of socks According to function

7. Diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are infinitely important for diabetic patients. These types of socks are uncommonly designed to diminish the risk of leg and foot injury to offer the most extreme bloodstream and keep the feet dry. The best diabetic socks ought to have the accompanying highlights

Seamless, Non-constricting, Padding, Warmth, White Sole, Moisture-wicking, Anti-microbial and, Soft yarns

8. Boot Socks

types of socks

Boot socks are sort of socks appropriate for wearing with boots. Normally produced using a sewed material. Boot socks give extra solace and warmth in a colder climate. Boot socks differ in lengths, going from ordinary estimated socks to knee-high length socks.

9. Slipper Socks

type of socks

This is nearly equivalent to yoga socks-however shoe socks are lengthier. These socks are intended to be worn inside without shoes. Since you have to have grasped to forestall sliding when strolling on socks without shoes, these socks will have little plastic spots outwardly of the heel parcel that will forestall slipping.

10. Loafer Socks

loafer socks

Socks of this type are called loafer socks because you do not see them outside once you wear a loafer. These are for the individuals who need to wear socks without the sock being noticed.

11. Trouser Socks

best type of trouser socks

Trouser socks are by women only. These types of socks are usually of high length intended to be worn under conventional jeans and skirts by ladies – it is normally made of exceptionally dainty lightweight material.

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12. Leg warmer socks

leg warmer socks

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Its special features are that it keeps your legs warm. These are socks without feet soles – they start at the lower legs and go up to the knees and are made of thick woolen intended to give warmth. They are generally worn over different socks for included warmth in winter or as a layering choice.

13. Water proof socks

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Interesting isn’t? It is the new invention of the 21st century; Waterproof Socks keep your feet warm and dry. These socks made of a waterproof material like rubber and waterproof breathable membrane that is protected by 2 knit sock layers.

14. Spats socks

splash socks

These are embellishing socks worn over socks; they were known as splash watches worn over footwear to secure them in the good old days. They, as a rule, spread the lower leg zone of the shoes.

Type of socks According to Length

15. Ankle Length Socks

socks according to length

As per the name, these types of socks cover your leg till the ankles. If you have loafers, casual shoes, or just something to protect your feet, this ankle length is perfect for that. These socks used while running, gym, etc.

16. Mid- Calf length Socks

calf length socks

Mid-calf length socks approach your lower leg muscles, however, don’t ride over them totally like your calf length ones. These types of socks normally come in woolen material to keep your legs warm during winters, especially for individuals who are engaged with physical exercises. These likewise come in sheer and net texture for ladies.

17. Crew Length Socks

full size socks

Crew length socks are utilized in winters and for open-air physical exercises like climbing, running, and so on. These are around six to eight inches in length, so relying upon the length of your legs; they can go up to your lower leg muscles. They also give magnificent assurance and inclusion.

18. Knee Length Socks

Knee-length socks are utilized by women, generally under their boots, during winters. They go about as a pad and add an additional layer to keep the feet warm. These are utilized broadly in the flying and neighborliness ventures as a piece of the garbs.

19. Thigh High Socks

Thigh-high socks are the Socks that go over your knees. Fashionably an excellent thought for ladies to combine them with skirts. In the event that you need to add a little funk to your outfit, you could likewise attempt the printed socks. The primary thing that strikes a chord when I consider thigh high socks is Scottish people wearing them with their knee-length skirts. That is really an eye-catching outfit.

20. Belly Socks

belly socks- different types f socks

Slip-on is meager and structure a defensive layer that is ideal for low profile loafers, ballet dancers, or shoes. Since not wearing socks isn’t a choice, slip-on paddings are your go-to option then. They additionally shield you from shoe bites. These are a surprisingly positive turn of experiences. You should consistently keep a couple of sets of these types of socks in your closet.

21. Quarter Length socks

types of socks

Quarter length socks go a little over your lower legs and spread till your shins. They give you great inclusion and shield the rear of your feet from rankles and shoe nibbles. Men utilize these for proficient purposes. Ladies by and large utilize these to secure their feet.


22. Novelty print socks

novelty fabric

The vast majority of the socks purchasing clients used to incline toward impartial hues for their socks like white, dark, dim, and naval force blue. However, that is gradually evolving. Fluorescent hues and surprising prints are seizing control over the socks advertise.

23. Novelty Fabric Socks

novelty socks guide

Fabric is the most important factor while selecting socks. Generally, socks are made of wool, the fiber of cotton, polyester, etc. But in today’s world fabrics like trim and artificial hide are utilized to make unique and intriguing looking socks. Faux fur is also utilized to make lovely winter socks. Ribbon Topped lower leg length Socks are the most well-known kind of trim socks – these have trims over the sleeve of the socks and can be turned down or worn up-these are best for formal dressing for kids.

24. Silicon foot protector socks

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These socks are made of a delicate silicon material and are worn as an extra defensive layer for break counteraction. It is fundamentally a foot defender socks and can be worn under or over your socks.

25. Hand Made Socks

These handmade socks are made from 100% soft wool or mohair. Perfect to be worn as slipper socks or boots socks. This type of socks is good for wearing and their fabric is good but at the same time, they are quite attractive in appearance. And in this, you also get a lot of color choices as well.


That’s all folks! These were the most important types of socks about which you all should know and add accordingly to your wardrober. Do let us know if we missed any other category in the comment section below.