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5 Wild Ways To Get Over a Breakup Like a Grown Woman (Personal experiences)

Hello Guys, how are y’all doing? Well, I guess, if you are reading this you are not doing that well as you are right now facing a breakup! and that’s really really sad, but you don’t have to worry more about it now, Just take a deep breathe and read on this amazing article in which I have shared my own thoughts and some experiences for “how to get over a bad breakup and move on’. I know, it’s really tough to just let that relationship go in which you have been investing a lot of your time maybe years, your feelings, your values everything and later you are left with nothing. You feel broke, you feel heartbroken and the worst of all you feel dead and depressed. Nevertheless, you have to and have too get out of it beautifully and gracefully right? So what are you waiting for, the only thing you have to do from now on is to FOCUS ON YOU.

Read the article by keeping yourself positive and happy in mind and imagine yourself doing the stuff that only makes you happy and then implement it. Enough of crying over that guy who was just fucking around with your feelings and emotions all this time. Upheld your head high and move on!

1) Say Yes To All Social Invitations

As soon as you are done with your breakup you might feel very miserable, depressed, low and maybe unworthy of yourself. Along with it, you will not feel like going out of your room, talking to anybody, hanging out with anyone and trust me all of these thoughts are very normal. I have been through it, I totally understand. So, in this case, you have to take all your courage together and say yes to all the social invites for sure, whether it is a family dinner, friends night out, clubbing anything. Just get out of your shell and move on. There may be times when you will feel like you’ve just broken up and might feel guilty of doing all of this, just think, if you should really think that way? No right! You already suffered a lot in that devastating relationship, you want more seriously?

2) Explore Your Fantasies

No doubt, there are some of the other fantasies that you both really wanted to do together it may be anything, like you both planned for a bomb threesome, but damn couldn’t happen! Go girl, go and execute it. Stop sitting back and crying, thinking of all of the things that you both could have done together, it’s a clear fact that he is not with you anymore, pack up and leave. Go and visit that city or a country you both wished to visit together, have all sorts of fun, explore yourself, your feelings, places, sexual fantasies everything. In fact, you can plan the holiday with your friends, go on a beach, wear the sexiest dress you always wanted too, flaunt it, take as many photos you want and embrace yourself.

3) Start Dating

start dating

I strongly feel that dating all again is really a good way to get out of that never-ending thinking process, especially if you had a very long relationship with that person. But now, don’t worry about it at all, here is the fantastic idea to overcome that easily, this will definitely help you with “how to get over breakup pain”. Start the flow of all the dating apps in your phone, register yourself, search for your kind, your vibe and meet! Go on a date, enjoy yourself, have a drink talk to that very person, let your heart out and there you go! Read on the next article about Top 10 Dating apps in 2020.

Change starts with you and no one else, so put your foot on your own neck if you really want better for yourself.


4) Go On Night outs


There might be some restrictions on you when you were in a relationship, now it’s the time to break all of them and do what you want. This clearly means that you have to start doing the stuff that you wanted to do and you’ve been stopping yourself because of that relationship. In my case it really helped me to come out of that breakup pain, I started getting out for night outs with my friends, wore the sexiest black dress, put that red hot lipstick, he didn’t wanted me to wear and that really gave me some kinda satisfaction as I looked really hot mess in that.

5) Love Yourself

Love yourself

Last, but not the least love yourself as much as you can see yourself in the mirror make eye contact with you, ask yourself what you really want in your life, you really want to suffer in that relationship or you deserve more, trust me whenever I have done this I have realized that I really deserve more and not that shit. Bang on, the moment you realize your worth you level up your game girl! Go out for shopping, buy hot outfits for yourself, pamper yourself eat what you really like, workout as much as you can become the hottest and the best version of yourself. Pamper yourself, take yourself to that soothing spa and massages sessions do your nails, your hair and look the best ever you could.

The Bottom Line

So, guys, the bottom line is these were the ways I opted for “how to get over that breakup pain” and trust me it really helped me, after adding and doing all of the stuff I didn’t even realize how I forgot about that person who made my life really miserable. Ya, it’s really not that easy to do all of this, but you can only divert yourself, as the choice is yours you can cry over that person 24*7 or enjoy your life to the fullest especially during this phase. No doubt thoughts will wander in your mind in the middle of the day, midnight or maybe all the time, that’s the challenge right, take it and prove it to yourself and for your happiness – that you are really not less than anybody!