7 Signs He Is Losing Interest And What To Do About It

What! he is losing interest and you are getting a lot worried about it. Also, the dilemma of whether you are thinking right or not is also killing you. Well, to be very honest I have been in this place and I know how much it hurts to be that way. So at this point, I can say you are just not alone. It’s really hard to accept that the person for whom you started feeling really excited about doesn’t feel the same anymore. Maybe you still love him and he doesn’t.

To sum up we can generalize this post for both men and women. But today we are just focussing on men. As the majority of the time, women have to deal with such issues and make themselves stronger.

To decide precisely whether he is losing interest or not. We have compiled the 7 major signs or red flags that you can consider before concluding anything. Let’s have a look at them.

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7 Signs He Is Losing Interest In You

What should I start with men are that way and they lose interest after a period of time? Or is there something in me that caused it. So here’s the crystal clear answer to it. There’s nothing to with you if he is losing interest in you and you are worried about it. It’s just they are revealing what they actually are.

Lets’ read on some detailed signs on how to know if he is losing interest in you purely.

#1. He Is Making Excuses

he is losing interest

This is the first sign that you can always consider as a big red flag. At the start of the relationship, everything was going well, you were enjoying, things were mutual and know boom! He says he doesn’t have time to catch up, he doesn’t want to see you. I can write a list about it. So whenever you can him to do something either for you or for both of you in the relationship he gives you some of the other reasons. That clearly shows that thing isn’t his priority anymore.

If you see this happening a lot then you need to accept that he isn’t into this relationship anymore the way he was before. At this point, you can sit with him and talk about this. If he doesn’t care about the conversation too or still not improving after you telling him about your feelings. Trust me there is no point in holding things back.

#2. He Has Become Rude And Dominant

he is losing interest

You were dating a nice sweet gentleman who has now turned into a very aggressive and rude man. He was very sweet initially; but now he doesn’t leave any chance to ignore you, insult you or abuse you. If he starts blaming you for things that hurt you and saying “If you don’t like it, then don’t be with me”. Pen this down. He has lost interest. He’s no more into you.

I have faced this and felt a lot. Do you feel scared of saying anything to your partner just because he might react absurd? I have. and if you have too. Then this is absolutely wrong. You love him right then what are the boundaries doing here? You should be yourself in front of this person and talk raw. Rather than preparing a script for hours to decide what to say and whatnot. One of the big red flags for he is losing interest.

#3. The Relationship Has become stagnate And Mongomaous

he is losing interest

If you are still meeting up by forcing him to do that. You might have observed his behavior towards your presence. If it feels more friendly or just discussing random issues and no romance. That’s the clear sign he is losing interest. There might be a time when you would feel like he is not there only. Because there are no ups in the relationship at this time. It has become flat.

If this has become regular and you are insisting every time to meet and make plans and he is just trying to escape. It’s the time to sort it out and if not you have to let him go. The things that he is doing is absolutely wrong and you deserve a lot more than that!

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#4. Everything Ends In A Fight- Signs He Is Losing Interest

he islosing interest

Whether small or big. If everything you try to do or to talk to him results in a fight is a big red flag for you. For instance, when I used to talk to my partner about me not getting exactly what I want from him that used t result in a fight. Instead, that should be a conversation like grownups do. They sit, talk, understand, and then conclude logically.

Also, this might be him crafting his exit strategy! You never know. But in all of this, you are the one who is getting hurt immensely. You are still wanting to work things out and he is clearly not even trying to make that happen. And remember that the wrong person makes you beg for attention, affection, love, and time. The right person gives you all these things because they love you truly and unconditionally. I guess you got your answer in this.

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#5. You Are Just Making Love

no love

Coming towards the flip side of the relationship there are two things, either you stopped make love or you are doing it too much. This sign is a little confusing but it will be clear after you go through it. He is losing interest but loves to make out with you. Because he knows that he can satisfy that urge from you. That doesn’t mean he is into you emotionally or physically. You are just a way for him to satisfy his needs. Also, he might be doing it just an act for you.

For this, you need to ask yourself. At what position are you standing in his life right now? Are you just a toy for him to satisfy him? He is getting what he wants. But are you getting enough things from him? That’s tough to swallow the fact that he is losing interest. But also remember that clearly not you. You don’;t have to degrade yourself to get the things that you deserve. Period.

#6. He Has Stopped Asking questions About You – Signs He Is Losing Interest


When we are really into someone. We just can’t get enough of it. We are curious to know about each and everything, small or big things going in their life. What are they doing and whatnot? If you notice that he has changed dynamically and stopped asking anything about you. You know he is losing interest.

The fact that he is not caring what you are ding about your life and what are you up to at the end of the day shows that he doesn’t care about you. He might seem a little bored in the conversation or look away. He might also forget about the things that you say to him. Ask yourself. Are you asking or expecting too much from him or you deserve these things genuinely?

#7 You’re No Longer A Priority

His general attitude towards you will reveal a lot about what he is trying to do with you and what he clearly wants. If he is just ignoring your needs without caring that might hurt you or disappoint you. You are not his priority. If hanging out with friends and watching movies or spending time alone is what he has started enjoying then means there’s no place for you.

It hurts to be that way. But the choice is yours you want to be with a person who no longer serves you emotionally, mentally, physically, or want be in peace alone. We girls tend to have a lot f bearing capacity and tend to hold things for long. But always remember to set your limits. Why do you want anyone in this world authority to walk past your feelings? Or t humiliate you or to degrade you? Stop taking bullshit and walk away.


Dear ladies, if you are reading this post on the signs he is losing interest and worried about the things going in your relationship. You know the answer now. Right? If he’s not caring about you or your feelings why are you? Always remember you have the option to leave! There are plenty of fishes out there who are willing to love you the way you love them. And you’re not asking for too much in a relationship. You are just asking form the wrong person. Period. For your opinions drop a comment in the comment section below.

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