Healthy Relationship Wheel- 10 Most Important Relationship Qualities

Healthy Relationship Wheel

What’s up dear readers; so we are talking about all relationships and in this post, I am going to tell you to exercise that I think can be really useful for you in evaluating some of your most intimate relationships. Okay, and it’s called the healthy relationship wheel.

Now with the help of some graphics, I would like to tell you about Healthy Relationship Wheel and it’s really gonna be helpful for you in understanding what are some of the key elements in a healthy relationship. So we’re gonna put the Healthy Relationship wheel below so that you can have an overview of all the factors.

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Table Of Contents

Graphics Of Healthy Relationship Wheel


Let’s learn about each factor of the healthy relationship in details and understand them with depth.

1.Non-Threatening Behavior:

healthy relationship wheel

The first at the top of this wheel is what’s called non-threatening behavior. okay, so what is non-threatening behavior. Well I mean let’s just be honest here people. It’s pretty simple its a behavior that’s non-threatening. So if you’re in a relationship and you feel emotionally threatened, physically threatened then it is a red signal for the relationship right.

Part of feeling safe and having a healthy relationship is about having behavior that does not include threats. emotional threats or physical threats. Now what are emotional threats you might be thinking. Well these are the threats like don’t you dare get angry with me,or I don’t want to see you sad. Those are sort of those threatening overtones that one can have around an emotional experience. So non-threatening behavior is a center stone and key piece of a healthy relationship.

2. Respect: Important Trait Of a Healthy Relationship Wheel

The next branch is Respect. This is really easy do you have respect for the individual who’s in the relationship with you and do they have respect for you. Now sometimes respect looks different for some people right so I want you to think about what does respect means to me and how do I know what I have it okay, so respect.

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3. Trust and Support:

healthy relationship

The next one is trust and support. There are three key components of trust that I think about which are confidentiality, reliability, and boundaries. So do you have that in the relationship? In a relationship where there is trust there, you feel supported. Do you feel supported in the risks that you want to take, do you feel safe and some of the emotions that you have. what are the ways that you feel supported these are questions I want you to ask yourself as it relates to this particular branch?

4. Honesty:

healthy relationship

All right the next one is honesty. Also, one of the most important factors in any relationship. Honesty is a really important part of relationships not just in communication but actually in how you’re showing up in the relationship as well. Are you honest with who you are? Are you honest with how you’re feeling and your current emotional state? And do you feel like honesty is reciprocated by the other individual in the relationship? So that’s honesty?

5. Responsible Parenting:

responsible parenting

The next one is responsible parenting. Right, so these factors play a very important role for those of you out there who have children are and are in a parenting relationship. But that is basically talking about you know do you feel like the parenting that’s existing between the two of you. Are you guys on the same page. Are you responsible. Do you respect each other in that parenting. All these questions nalaysis fall in this particular branch.

6. Shared Responsibility:

The next one is a shared responsibility. In the relationship do you feel like there is equal responsibility between each of you? Now you might be thinking oh well this only must apply if I marry somebody. No this can apply in friendships as well. So I want you to think about that a little bit. The shared responsibility with this individual in the relationship does it exist? And maybe in what ways is the responsibility there what are your responsibilities, what are you responsible for.

7. Economic Partnership:

healthy relationship wheel

The next one is an economic partnership. Now, this is talking about finances. Yes, so it might be in more intimate relationships. Partnership in marriage. But it’s about the financial partnership. In which you need to talk about money. Money is something that people do not like to talk about.

Couples fight about it often. Right they fight about it usually because they’re just not talking about finances as it’s difficult to talk about financial situations, financial experience, and especially financial hardship. But you have to be honest with your partner and in the relationship about your financial status in order for you to have a healthy relationship. So that’s about the financial and economic partnership which is really important for you to communicate about.

8. Fairness:

healthy relationship

The last one is fairness. where is fairness in your relationship do you feel like things are fair that things are equitable. do you feel like emotionally things are fair that there’s space in the relationship for not only you? You know your friend or your partners. You know feelings but your own feelings. Is there a shared space for both of you and that’s sort of what I think about when I think about fairness.

So here I am going to tell you to do one exercise. Take a look at this big wheel, pick two relationships that are your most intimate close relationships. Now when I say intimate I don’t mean sexual I mean intimacy in terms of closeness.

Pick two of those relationships and evaluate those or relationships using this wheel go through each of these branches and beg into dissecting really what is the grade you’re gonna give your relationship as it relates to those branches.


All right so that’s the healthy relationship wheel. According to me, you have to go throw it and its really important and using this wheel can be really helpful for you to begin to understand maybe where things might be going awry in this particular relationship that you’re looking at.

So if you like it then please do comment in the comment box.

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