How to make a guy miss you and want you more- 10 Proven Ways


So, your guy is behaving a little absurd and that is definitely bothering you isn’t it? oh, I know! That’s why you are here. Well, if this is the exact case then you have definitely landed on the perfect page. In this post, I am going to tell you ‘How To Make A Guy Miss You‘ with 10 proven ways that will make him go crazy after you. And will make him miss you badly.

These tricks are sure to make your man miss you like never before even if you’ve been dating or married for years.

But before I start remember that

No Man Is An Island

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Missing someone is definitely okay, after all, you both love each other and your partner presence matters a lot for you. But that doesn’t mean that you make him your life and give that person the authority to put you down.

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How To Make A Guy Miss You- Make Him Go Crazy After You

Let’s start with our 10 proven ways which will make him realize your importance and these ways are the perfect solutions for ‘How do you make him think about you all the time?’

10 Proven ways For ‘How To Make A Guy Miss You’

#1. Deliberately leave things behind:

how to make a guy miss you

Leaving behind a note or an earring will constantly remind him of you every time he sees it in his house or car he will momentarily think of you and all the great things you’ve done together.

 #2.  Give him some personal space:– How To Make A Guy Miss You

how to make a guy miss you

He won’t miss you if he sees you all the time right? While women want to be close to their men, Men need a little space to themselves to recharge and think. So signup, for dance classes or yoga lessons, or hang out with your girlfriends and just don’t stick to him all the time. Get a life! Give your mister the chance to miss you. When you’re gone and having fun out without him.

#3. Make him wait before replying his texts:

how to make a guy miss you

 It’s rude to make him wait but hesitating for a minute before replying can help your man miss you. Don’t pick up his calls immediately. Instead, let him leave a message and start longing to hear from you. Give yourself about 10 minutes before you reply to his texts. Make him think about you before receiving your response. That will make him wonder where you are and what are you up to.

#4. Take things slow:– How To Make A Guy Miss You

how to make a guy miss you

 If you notice that your man wants to move things along quickly take it slow. Let him invest more time to get to know you. Giving him the chance to slow things down will mean letting him slowly discover all your beautiful qualities. This will keep him on his toes eager to see you more often so he can uncover more.

#5. We’re a unique perfume:

How o make a guy miss you?

Every time you are around your guy. Find a smell that is sweet and subtle and one that lingers. Remember scent is often attached to the memory. so every time he smells your perfume he will think of you.

#6. Add some mystery to your experiences together:    

how to make a guy miss you

 If you’ve just started dating don’t share your whole life story during a single date. Hint at some things and leave him wanting to hear more. that will keep him interested in you always. Also, you will be always in his mind that will make him want you more.

#7 Have adventures with him and your friends:– How To Make A Guy Miss You

how to make a guy miss you

Men want to be the main reason why you smile and won’t love the idea of knowing someone else is making you laugh. Be sure he knows that you’re having a great time with friends and he’ll be sure to miss being there. Plus having so many fun adventures with your mister and with your friends will surely boost positivity making you even more attractive. No one wants to hang out with a Negative Nancy all the time. True. right?

#8. Show a bit of interest in someone or something else:

how to make him think about you all the time

Men hate competitors especially if he’s interested in you. if you’re dating casually hint at wanting to hang out with someone else. if you’re married hint at loving to spend time at the pottery studio or in the garden. just don’t overdo it a bit of jealousy should be done in moderation.

#9 Give yourself a makeover– How To Make A Guy Miss You

Dress in a way that’ll make him want to hold on to you for a little longer while on that dance floor. when you go out for the evening we’re a bit more makeup and do your hair the way he likes. let your elegantly beautiful image remain in his mind way after you part ways.

#10 Leave him wanting more:

how to make him miss you

Hang out with him cook him the best meal and leave some conversations for the future. be very fun and exciting but make him earn that goodbye kiss. Let him crave for your infectious laughter and company. Be generous while still playing hard to get.

These tactics will make sure he’ll miss you when you part ways. The tips may seem pretty easy but you need to stick to them and be disciplined about them. Don’t give in to the temptation of answering his calls or texts too fast. Be sure to wear your signature scent and dress up when you meet him even if you’ve been dating for years put in some effort and you’ll have him wanting more.

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how to make a guy miss you
  1. Always Listen To Him:
how to make a guy miss you

If you keep on giving pessimistic opinions each and every time, then he would think that you don’t care about his feelings, his dreams, and aspirations anymore. It may lead him to go and look for someone he could vent on.

2. Love Yourself and Value your individuality:

make him love you more

Stay that way you are, because he fell in love with your uniqueness and individuality. It includes the way you smile, your wit and smartness, your kindness, the way you dress up, and the way you think and act.

3.Never Ever Nag or get Angry:

how to make a guy miss you

Most important rule in any relationship is, never ever nag. You don’t want to fight over petty things, just because you didn’t get what you were asking from him, right? Now, you tend to nag and become angry, and in return, he becomes angry too. Give him the space to adjust and realization what’s tolerable for you and what’s not.

4. Pamper Him With Little Things:

make him love you more

Moat men usually give their girlfriends flowers, chocolates, pieces of jewelry, and other presents. But something Men want to be pampered. So, be gentle with him when he is totally stressed from work, cook him dinner or present some flowers. 

5. Stay Pretty:

make him get crazy over you

A man who is truly in love always seen his lady as his source of pride, someone he can show off to the world as his partner. Therefore, you want to maintain your fashion style that highlights your confidence and personality.

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love yourself

Is there a certain man in your life that you wish you could have a committed relationship with does it seem like he only wants to talk to you when it’s convenient for him and oftentimes blows you off for other women. if so then make sure you pay close attention to this entire article  because you’re about to discover the secret psychological desire hidden deep in every man’s brain that when triggered makes him quickly become obsessed for you.

These psychological concepts are extremely powerful please use them for good only.

  1. Embrace your feelings:

The best thing hands down for any woman looking to drive her man crazy with desire is to embrace her feelings and on them. By tapping into and owning your emotions you will lose sexual appeal as well as primal feminine beauty attracting not only his eyes and body but his heart as well. In essence, you become what you were meant to be irresistible feminine and attractive a quality most men find hopelessly alluring by being happy and comfortable with yourself and your emotions as they are. Your radiant inner beauty comes out of something that is infinitely powerful and attractive in this superficial world.

2. Unleash your generous supportive side:

Be generous and support his dreams. who doesn’t love a generous person? , We all do. He probably does too. Good news though you don’t have to be Mother Teresa for this to work. Men seek relationships with women who are kind generous and supportive. So, jump to any opportunity to do good for him and support him within reason of course. As a side effect of being kind, we naturally feel good about ourselves which in turn makes you a happier and more confident person. It has been scientifically proven that we are more attracted to a person who smiles a lot and is generally happy.

3. Open up and communicate:

This one is a no-brainer, as far as dating advice goes opening up to him helps build up your sense of closeness with him. It subconsciously implies that you are willing to trust as well as open for a relationship. A word of caution though be careful not to disclose too much too fast as this can come off as needy. To truly make him love you always strive for something more profound than physical pleasure and attraction. Focus on making him feel good emotionally and in turn love admiration and commitment will flow towards you before you know it.


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