Hello dear readers, so today we’re going to be talking about the Top 10 Best Makeup Brushes to have in 2020 – you don’t have to own the entire Makeup Brushes set. You can simply pick and choose as you wish but these are the ones that I tend to favor the most and let’s just make a start with the list of Best Makeup Brushes and I will tell you why are these the most affordable and worth having Makeup Brushes as I go along.

With A Good Makeup Brush Every Woman Can Be An Artist

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TOP 10 BEST MAKEUP BRUSHES IN 2020-Best cheap Brushes

  1. Cozzette:
best makeup brushes

So the first one in the list of Top 10 Best makeup Brushes in 2020 is a standard eye shadow brush. This one is synthetic and it’s by Cozzette and is 2 to 5. it looks exactly the same in the picture and because it’s synthetic you can use it for cream and powder as well. Now this is a standard lay down brush which means you just lay color down on the eyelid all over the eye and because of its synthetic texture you can use it for concealer and it’s small enough to do contouring work as well which is really – really nice and it’s one of my favorite brushes. Try it! It can be yours too. A multi-use brush.

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2. Mac 242:

top 10 makeup brushes

The next one is again a standard laydown brush. It is an eye shadow brush and this is by Mac 242 and it’s a smaller version. This makeup brush is for more detailed work for those of you with smaller eyelids this is a great brush to have and again even though it’s not synthetic this is great for concealer and also for lips. A must in the list of the best makeup brush.

3. 217 By Mac:

top 10 makeup brush

Next comes a blending brush and definitely this brush has to be on this list. The 217 by Mac is one of my favorite brushes to use. It has several benefits because of the marvelous foliage it has. It can also get right in the socket you can wiggle it and pull the color out where you can wrap it around and get a really defined crease. Many people use this for concealer as well which tends to work quite well. I don’t tend to favor it for that but it’s still a makeup brush that you really – really should own.

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4. Inglot:

best makeup brush

Next comes a blending brush or crease brush or whatever you want to call it. This one’s by Inglot and it looks like this. It tends to be one of my favorite ones they come in lots of different shapes and sizes and it depends on the size of your eye. If you’ve got a really big eye then obviously you’re going to want one. With a much sort of thicker bristle, it expands more.

if you’ve got a very small eye then you might want to try one that’s a lot slimmer like perhaps the Mac. You can blend out the lovely blush with these they’re also good because of the size to apply the tiny amounts of shimmer to the cheekbones. One of the really best makeup brushes to own.

5. Cozzette:

bets lip brush

So guys, this brush by Cozzette with the variant no. D320 looks like this. It’s a fine pointed tipped brush. It is excellent for doing lips. And with its the synthetic texture it does well with creams and powder. The foliage of the brush is very pointy which is best to give a good definition to your lips. it’s also good to conceal blemishes because of the point.

But the one thing that I like to use it for the most is taking a neutral eye shadow that’s about one or two tones darker than your skin and taking it right in there as it opens up the eye and you can really sort of just join it onto the nose the whole thing that gives a good contouring kind of thing and makes your nose look slimmer.

6. Japonesque:

best makeup brushes

This one’s by Japonesque and it’s just a push liner brush. You can get these in arts and crafts also don’t think you have to buy a really expensive one. You literally just have to push it into the lash line with color on it and wiggle it and it’ll deposit color. It’s an amazing brush to get defined lips with the synthetic texture of the brush. The best way is to lift dried for the eyes and push the eye shadow into the lash line. Probably one of the best makeup brush.

7. P300 by Cozette:

best makeup brush

Here comes the foundation brush I’m going to give you two options and this really makes it 11 and not 10. The first one is just like a standard foundation brush this is angled it doesn’t have to be angled it doesn’t matter this is just when I picked up its the p300 by Cozette. Again doesn’t matter, you can use just a standard foundation brush the whole principle remains the same. You can apply foundation as you do but that’s not how you blend it you then press onto the skin and all the brushstrokes go away and your skin looks wonderful and flawless.

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9. Makeup Forever:

best makeup brush

All the favorite ones would be just stippling on the brush like this by Makeup Forever. A great brush to use providing if you’ve got normal, oily, or combination skin. If you’ve got dry skin this motion causes micro-exfoliation and gives you that dim and a very kiki look so don’t use it if you’ve got dry skin.

10. OCC:

top 10 makeup brush

This one is by OCC and it’s like a buffer brush and it’s amazing all these the new generation of synthetic hair is just amazing this softer than real hair they’re beautiful this brush is good for applying blush because it lets you hit the cheekbone really – really well and you can just blend it up it’s amazing for that you can also if you’ve got normal skin use this to buff in your foundation

11. Kabuki:

Well, last but not least a standard kabuki brush or this is called a kabuki brush. Where I come from this is Bonnardit which has a completely unpronounceable name. And since you know that I don’t know my ass from my elbow most of the time I’m not even going to try and pronounce it. This is one of the best makeup brushes, which is good for blush, for highlighter, for bronzer, and for loose powder, the loose powder really isn’t something that you actually put on with a brush it’s actually something you takeoff with a brush and it is a wonderful brush to have. Also, one of the best affordable makeup brushes.

So, dear friends these were our top 10 picks for best makeup brushes. Let us know which suited your requirements best and became your best.

Well, it’s not over yet we also have the collection of the best makeup brushes on amazon which will make your makeup skills more sharp and honed! Let’s have a look and gram the best makeup brushes kit!

Best Makeup Brushes – Best Cheap Makeup Brushes You Must Buy

makeup brush set

So know I’m going to tell you about various best makeup brushes set. The only thing that comes in our mind is that they’re expensive but you don’t have to worry. I have come up with top 5 best makeup brushes sets options. These are not only best affordable makeup brushes but easy to box with.

Yes, I have been using them for quite a while now and they work pretty well for me. So basically I am going to tell you the top 5 best amazon makeup brushes as well as they are the best cheap makeup brushes. So let’s start.

  1. BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set:
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5
  • BS-MALL fifteen items makeup brushes
  • Highest quality material, high-density bristle, top quality fiber hair, doesn’t SHED!!!
  • SOFT and satiny to the bit, the brushes are dense and formed well
  • BS-MALL(TM) Premium artificial Kabuki Makeup Brush Set-Amazing Quality & nice Price& high-level after-sale service! Best Makeup Brushes set available on amazon.

2.  Bamboo Professional Makeup Brushes Set:

amazon products

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Beautiful and cheap


Honestly some of the best brushes I’ve used and I’ve used sigma and zoeva brushes! I was going to buy a brush for the same price as this whole set and I’m glad I saw sense now! So pleased with the quality of these! I had a last minute booking and my brushes hadn’t been washed so I only used this set and I loved every brush!

3. KYLIE Makeup Brushes Set:

kylie brushes

Rating: 3.6 out of 5

  • FOR YOUR skilled MAKEUP: begin your Professional makeup currently, although you’re not an expert, with these brushes and sponges you may continuously appear as if one!
  • High-end wood handles skilled makeup brush set. Non-skin irritation, non-shed.

4.  MISS & MAM Professional Makeup Brush Set:


Rating: 3.8 out of 5

  • Soft Bristles That keep – buildup Brushes area unit the simplest as a result of we have a tendency to Make Our Brushes With Fibers That area unit Super Soft and do not Penetrate Or Irritate Your Skin.
  • The Bristles conjointly don’t Fall Out throughout The Makeup Application method.
  • Nice For Applying Cream, Powder, And Liquid Makeup: These Brushes area unit thus numerous That they’ll Be Used For Virtually All Makeup necessities. Use Them For Cream, Liquid, Or Powder Makeup, And Love however Our Brushes equally Distribute the merchandise Over Your Face
  • Created By skilled Makeup Artists: Our Makeup Brush Set area unit Designed By skilled Makeup Artists! They Created the simplest Applicators so though you’re Not knowledgeable, With These Brushes, you may invariably appear as if One!

5.  Rozia Essential Cosmetics Set:

best makeup brushes
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5
  • Great For Applying Cream, Powder, And Liquid Makeup: These Brushes area unit thus various That they’ll Be Used For virtually All Makeup necessities. Use Them For Cream, Liquid, Or Powder Makeup, And Love however Our Brushes equally Distribute the merchandise Over Your Face.
  • Created By skilled Makeup Artists: Our Makeup Brush Set area unit Designed By skilled Makeup Artists! They Created the most effective Applicators so albeit you’re Not an expert, With These Brushes you may forever seem like One.
  • Elegant Carry Case For Brushes – The Offered Roll Up Carrying Case Offered With This Set is right To Store And shield All Brushes With Ease, the foremost Organized and stylish thanks to Carry Your form up And Cosmetics twenty four Piece Brush Set in a very stunning Pouch.
  • Each brush features a totally different purpose that is mention on the comb it self


So dear ladies and the makeup artists these were our picks for all types of the makeup brushes and the best makeup brushes sets which are available on amazon. As we know makeup is really an art and can do wonders, These brushes will help you in achieving that effortlessly. Let us know if this guide helped you in the comment section below.

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