Amazing Benefits Of Fermented Rice Water- 10 Beauty Benefits

One Ingredient Beauty Recipe For Flawless Face, Hair, And Body With Fermented Rice Water

Hey dear readers, In this post we’re going to discover ten different beauty uses of fermented rice water.

So the other day I was talking to my mom about the beauty benefits of rice water. And I was telling her how ancient Chinese and Japanese rice farmers used to use rice water all over their face and body and even the head.

In fact an old Asian tribe I think a Chinese tribe of women they are known for their really long hair that goes beyond their feet and they’re shiny and thick. And you know women over 90 has pure black hair and their only secret is Fermented rice water.

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Why To Use Fermented Rice Water As A Beauty Recipe?

fermented rice water

 Fermented Rice water is very rich in amino acids, vitamins, and a lot of minerals. Rice water has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in a nutshell. It is moisturizing, brightening, calming and anti-aging which is why is rice and rice water is a very popular ingredient still in Korean skincare.

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How To Make Fermented Rice Water?

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There are two different methods by which you can make  Fermented rice water

First Method: For this, I recommend you to use organic rice. So that there is not a lot of pesticides. Make sure that you give your rice a good rinse. But don’t wash it too much because then it will be getting rid of the rice water which we need. Now to make rice water all you need is plain, old rice. You can use any kind of rice. Brown, white basmati, purple, green, etc. There are way too many varieties of rice available. Soak it in some water. keep it there for 30 minutes to one hour. And then pour it into a jar and this is your rice water method number 1 and this is the diluted version of it.

Second Method: Now the second way to make fermented rice water is to actually boil rice. So what I do is basically every time I cook rice. I don’t throw away the water. I just basically put it into a jar. or if you have a lot of rice and noodles that water in which you cook your rice noddles don’t throw it away put it into a jar and you’ve got rice water.

Now if you boil your rice that rice water that is a lot more cloudy and a lot thicker. So this is a lot more concentrated and if you want to use that you’ll have to dilute it a little bit. This can stay in the fridge for up to one week and then you need to throw it out. All you need to do is, take this rice water and keep it out in the open for 24 hours. Until it is kind of touch smelling a little pungent. Then close it up and keep it in your fridge and you’ve got your fermented rice water.

Top 10 beauty hacks of fermented rice water

So now we know how to make fermented rice water and how to store it. Now, let’s get started with the beauty uses of the one ingredient beauty recipe.


fermented rice water

Ever used rice water as the Face Toner. rice water is really good to tone your face and balance your pH. It also gives you a small amount of sun protection but for this, you have to remember to use diluted rice water. Otherwise, it can be a little thick and sticky on your face.


fermented rice water

Use it in your face mask. So you can use this rice water as the liquid ingredient in whatever face mask you’re using. Even if it is a store-bought face mask you can mix in the rice water to make it even. It is highly beneficial for the skin brightening, anti-aging, calming and moisturizing properties.


fermented rice water

Use it to minimize your pores, pour it into your ice cube tray stick it in your freezer and now you’ve got rice water ice cubes. All you have to do now is pull out one of those ice cubes in the morning or in the night whenever you feel like it. And then rub it all across your face. It’s going to tighten your pores and bring a little bit of blood rush to your face. Making your face glowy and happy and bright.

This is amazing guys if you’re going for an event or if you have something really important coming up and you don’t really have the time to do a full-on facial and want skin glowing. Rice Water also gets rid of hyperpigmentation around your mouth or acne scars.


rice water

Use it to treat eczema, rashes, or any other skin condition. Sometimes eczema or these skin flares can be painful and really itching. They only needed some chilled ice water to just poure it right on top and leave it on. And added more right over it. It’s instantly soothing and calming.


sun burn treatment

To treat and soothe sunburn. You can do with rice water you can even mix up a little bit of aloe vera gel and that’s going to be like a potent mixture to come and relieve the pain of sunburn. It really helps that healing process and makes it even faster.


long hair

Use it as a hair rinse. You can use diluted rice water as a hair rinse after your shampooing and your conditioning. All you need to do is take this and pour it right over your head while still in the bathroom. Obviously. And just towel dry your hair and this is going to give you soft shiny manageable hair and it even delivers a little bit of sun protection to your hair.


hair mask

Use fermented rice water as a hair mask. If you want to stimulate your hair growth or if you have problems with dandruff you can use the rice water as a hair mask. So basically put it all over your scalp and drench your hair and your scalp with rice water obviously. It is going to be dripping it’s going to be a little uncomfortable.

If you don’t like the drippy effect guys, you just have to mix it in with avocado or something like that. Or any other hair mask that you do use this as a mixing agent and then put it on your head. And it gives you instant relief from dandruff. It also stimulates hair roots if you’re looking to grow out your hair really fast do this.


body cleanser

Rice water can be used as a facial cleanser and a body cleanse.r You can substitute your face wash and your body wash with just Rice water and make it even more effective by using rice water. Now it can be a little weird. But the benefits are so high.

I remember guys, my dad, he got spondylitis and arthritis and he went to an Ayurvedic center for massage and pain-relieving. And for all that they made him take a bath in rice water for a whole month. And he had an immense reduction in pain and his skin was all soft and smooth.


bath soaking

Bath soak. You can just use plain old rice water in a bathtub instead of your rose water and lush. You have a problem with these dark elbow patches and all of these suntan, your hyperpigmentation all of it is going to go if you do it every day.


You can use diluted rice water as a face mist. Once again these ancient Chinese and Japanese women used to cover themselves with rice water as a sunscreen for sun protection. So you can do the same. Carry around a small spray bottle of diluted rice water and you can keep misting your face to refresh yourself once in a while. And also as a sun protection throughout the day.


So, dear readers, these were the amazing benefits of the rice water. Try these to get a gorgeous and flawless body. For any other queries, drop a comment in the comment section below.

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