8 Best winter care essentials- Winter Skincare Routine

8 winter care essentials 2020

It’s been really tough dealing with these chilly winter days with the basic products that you are using right now.  Like summers winters also have been very harsh in India, But now it is high time that you have to bring some changes and select the products wisely based on your skin type for this winter skin care routine.  Dry winter air can easily blow off your skin moisture and leave you with damp and pale texture f your skin.  If you really want to flaunt your beautiful skin in winters as well you need to stick to a winter skin care routine.

Before we share our top 10 skin care winter products I will tell you why it is really important to change your skin products in winter.

As compared to summer skin care products which are the very lightweight on the skin will do no good for you in these winters as they will be very easily absorbed by your skin and steal away the natural glow and moisture, leaving you with extremely dry and chapped skin. Well, you don’t have to worry a lot about it now because your research for skincare products in winter has been sorted out. Read on the article below and choose the product according to your needs and skin type. You can also buy the product by clicking on the link mentioned below with every product.

  1. Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

Out of all the range of winter skin care products available in the market, Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser is one of the best soap-free cleansers. A normal cleanser will just cleanse out the dirt and grin accumulated on your face, whereas the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser comes with the cream formula which has blended moistures in it. With Cetaphil cleanser, you can easily cleanse and hydrate your skin simultaneously with one product.

This winter you definitely need to switch to Cetaphil gentle cleanser as it is dermatologically tested, with water locked formula which works a very gentle face wash by maintaining the perfect pH balance which is highly required by your winter skin. 

2. Lakme skin gloss winter intense moisturizer

Losing away the natural glow in these winters is another fear. This Lakme skin gloss winter intense moisturizer is all you need to protect your skin. This is one of the amazing skincare products in winter that I will personally suggest to my readers facing the problem of flaky and dry skin. The cream hydrates the skin by seeping into the pores of the skin and gives a rosy look with the soft texture to your skin.

3. Night treatment cream sandalwood and saffron by Forest essentials

The combination of sandalwood and saffron makes this night cream by Forest essentials the best cold cream for the winters, among all available the best skin care products for winter. The formula is designed with powerful Ayurveda herbs to work effectively at night. The repair mechanism of the cream moisturizes the dry and normal skin. By adding this amazing cream in your kit you can flaunt your summer skin glow in winters as well. Click on the link mentioned below and purchase it now.

4. Biotique bio winter cherry rejuvenating body nourisher

One of the best leading brands in Ayurveda and my personal favorite,  boutiques bio winter cherry rejuvenating body nourisher is the perfect blend of winter cherry, sunflower, safflower, musk root, almond oil and herbs to moisturize the skin intensely. Along with it, the lotion supplies all the crucial nutrients to the skin keeping it soft and supple by maintaining the moisture balance of the skin.

5. Forest essential soundarya body oil

One of the essentials, that you cannot ignore in winter is definitely body oil. The forest essential soundarya body oil not just moisturize your skin it also improves the blood circulation. In winter because of the low temperature the circulation level in our body reduces up to some extent.  The application of the oil should be done before taking a bath, also it doesn’t look stained or greasy at all.

6. The body shop British rose body butter

Are you one of the lazy bum in winters who don’t want to get up and do your skin care. Well here Is the solution from the exclusive range of the body shop,  the body shop British rose body butter works amazing for extremely dry skin by deep moisturizing the skin and hydrating it for longer period of time.  It is also recommended by most of the beauticians as the heavy texture of the skin protects the skin effectively. Also, a must skin care product for winter.

7. Nykaa naturals hand cream

Well, don’t you think that your hands crave extra attention during winters? Yes right! As the regular exposure of hands in cold water and dry winter air makes the skin of hands dehydrated with chapped skin. Therefore to moisturize your skin regularly use the Nykaa naturals hand cream, available in various shades. Pick the one you like and flaunt your beautiful hands in winters as well.

8. Vaseline cocoa butter jelly

The Vaseline cocoa butter jelly is not less than a wonder product. The petroleum jelly can solve your winter skin care problems in just one go. It can heal even your tiniest skin problem like cracked feet, dry elbows fill the minor cuts in your skin and improve your nail growth making them look more shiny and healthy.

So are you scared that you might lose your skin glow achieved in summers? Now it’s the time to make some quick changes in your winter skincare routine and add on the products to maintain it easily.

Which product is your all-time favorite these winters?