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What Your Brow Shape Says About You, According To The Facial Reader

Eyebrows are the first thing that we notice on someone’s face. it is really well said, never judge a book by its cover right?. According to the Chinese face reading, we humans are born with different shapes of the Eyebrows for a reason, and yeah to know these different variants in our personality due to contrasting shape of the eyebrows read on the article ahead!

The prediction of the personality of different people based on different shapes of Eyebrows in this article is according to the famous face reader Jean Haner, who adopted the practice of physiognomy, a traditional study that helps in analyzing the people’s personality based on the intricacies of their physical features.

Rounded Eyebrows

If someone has Round Eyebrows that means they are very kind people and always think of other’s needs along with theirs. People with rounded eyebrows always make a decision that is acceptable by everyone they are pretty selfless and prioritize others need as well, hence creating a win-win situation or decision for everyone.

Straight Eyebrows

If you are a person with a pair of straight eyebrows that clearly means you value logic over your emotions. You are very intellectually absorbed which is extremely good for your professional development. Impulsive decisions are really not your thing, you will always tend to think about a situation carefully and then make your decision, therefore the most logical ones.

Naturally Bold Eyebrows

Woah, having naturally bold eyebrows clearly states that you are a person with completely straight forward thoughts, assertive with your decisions and extremely hard working to get your things done! Well along with it, it’s pretty easy to piss you off on anything and will not take much to make you feel frustrated about something. so, every once in a while take a few deep breaths, as no one can beat the tons of self-confidence that you’ve got in you.

Peaked Eyebrows

So, if you are a person blessed with a peaked pair of eyebrows like me then even you value your emotions more in everything than the logic. well, that’s really not a bad thing. Along with it, you are a quick learner who thinks and learns at warp speed. You are a person who overthinks a lot and reacts to almost everything and takes the decision quickly, based on your emotions and not on the logic. Clearly, making you a perfect person to make a gut check and game-time decisions in your personal life.

Diagonal Eyebrows

Harder the angle, the more complicated and extreme the emotions are. People with the diagonal pair of eyebrows are very reactive and tend to have a more difficult time in relationships because of this characteristic. So, if you are naturally born with this shape of the eyebrows its fine, but if you try to create it, that will really go against your nature and will definitely create an imbalance in your personality.

Queen’s Eyebrows

When the position of your eyebrows is not just above your eyes, they are somewhere highly placed this type of eyebrows are known as queens eyebrows according to the Chinese face reading. People with these pair of eyebrows have an excellent taste of style and beauty. People with this type of eyebrows always set high standards and expectations for themselves. Many times they are hard on themselves and self-critical by worrying about their decision making. Usually, they tend to be the perfectionist and always work independently without taking anyone’s help in any case!

Long Eyebrows

If you are having a pair of Long eyebrows that clearly represent that you are a very kind person with a higher strength of holding things. People with long eyebrows tend to have many friends in their circle with a reason that they have the tendency to tackle their and the others personal drama willingly without getting overwhelmed.

Short Eyebrows

If you are blessed with a sweet and short pair of eyebrows it means that you hate the senseless drama in your life. You also tend to have very few friends in your circle and maybe some with close connections. You are pretty straight forward with your thoughts and clearly know what you want and are always clear about your next move in the situation.

Thick Eyebrows

If you are someone having volumized thick eyebrows that means a lot of things like you are decisive, firm about your decision and have the natural confidence to sort everything and anything out easily and logically. People with these pairs of eyebrows tend to be more linear about their work and instead of being a lazy ass they are really active physically, which clearly means they work very hard to achieve their goals.

Thin Eyebrows

As our eyebrows speak different languages, the naturally thin eyebrows or if your eyebrows have got thin due to waxing or any other process that clearly affects your self-confidence. People having thin or sparse eyebrows tend to have low self-confidence and face a very difficult time in taking decisions alone, therefore they always tend to take inputs from their friends or from others before they prepare themselves for any concrete plan. Surrounding yourself with wise friends who lift you in all the situations is the best advice you can go with.

“Eyebrows That Don’t Match Your hair”

In the world full of trends where everyone wants to get noticed in some or the other way, people who go for such kind of brows are fierce and aren’t afraid to get noticed. They are pretty experimental and love to play around with their looks. Well, no doubt people with this look are instantly noticed.

The bottom line

These were different types of eyebrows that reflect a lot about your personality. It is definitely interesting to about our personality according to the features we own. For more posts like this feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below. And ya do not forget to let us know your brow shape.