What Is Best Workout To Lose Weight Fast | The 5 Best Exercises For Weight Loss

best workout to lose weight

Summers are here, and we all really want to get that hot toned summer body. It definitely feels extremely good to flaunt our curvy body in summers by wearing sexy clothes. According to the survey, it is estimated that half of the adults try to lose their weight. But always fail to do so. Well, the reason behind it is the lack of proper guidance and the picking of wrong workouts or exercises. To lose weight effectively you need to be very careful while choosing “what is the best workout to lose weight fast”.

Weight loss can be pretty tricky. Especially, if you are a woman, it becomes difficult to analyze which part of the body to focus on. and not everyone can afford a good physical trainer who can guide us throughout the weight loss journey, RIght? So here we have got 5 best exercises to lose weight fast. These exercises will not only help you to lose weight but instead, they will also keep you healthy and fit.

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Best Workout To Lose Weight Fast

Well, do you know what is the best time to workout? It’s the AM workout. Now, here the question comes “why is Am workout highly effective?”

Why Should We Workout In Mornings?

  • Deeply cleanses all the senses of our body
  • It helps to eliminate all the toxins from our bodies that have been built up overnight
  • It helps to keep our body healthy and fit for long and help us in living long
  • The AM workout also rejuvenates our body, by recharging it and gearing it up for a highly productive day
  • According to the research, people who work out in the morning or have an AM workout routine tend to burn a higher percentage of fat as compared to people who work out at a random time of the day
  • Morning exercises increase our core body temperature for the rest of the entire day. ie, you are burning your fat throughout the day!
  • It gives you a proper time, where there is no rush only you and your fitness goals!

What Should The Best Workout To Lose Weight Comprise Of?

Your morning workout routine can comprise of anything like walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, skipping, running. It can be anything. It’s just you have to switch on the fat-burning mode of your body and rock on to become that fit girl! But when it comes to losing some extra pounds you need to be more concentrated and work harder for that. So, here is your guide for “best workout to lose weight fast”.

1.Go for a walk or a run

running workout

Walking or running is one of the best exercises to lose weight. It is the perfect way for the beginners to start working out either by walking or by running. Also, the best part is that it is a lower impact exercise and will not hurt your joints much. It is definitely easy to walk in your daily routine. But if you really have to lose some pounds try walking after your lunch, take your dog for a walk, opt for the stairs all the time.

Yes, you can definitely run on your treadmill but going out for a run in the fresh air will calm all your senses and will give you more positive energy. In the beginning, try having a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Which means 80-100 steps in a minute. Later, you can definitely increase to lose some more calories.

2. Yoga– Best workout to lose weight fast

yoga workout

Yoga is one of the most popular ways to lose weight fast. It does not only helps in losing some pounds, but it also tones our body internally as well as externally. Along with losing weight yoga offers tons of health benefits that keep you fit in the long run. The best time to do yoga asanas is in the morning during sunrise. It should be done on an empty stomach.

According to an estimate, you can burn around 150 calories per 30 minutes of practicing yoga. Also, yoga helps in experiencing better mental and physical well being. So, it’s very clear that yoga helps us in various different ways and has many other benefits. It also teaches you mindfulness and helps in controlling unhealthy eating habits.

3. Cycling– Best Workout To Lose Weight

cycling workout

This is yet another popular exercise to lose weight fast. Cycling is one of the best cardio workouts that only burns your calories it also gives you highly toned thighs. It is traditionally practiced outdoors but it can be done inside as well. Cycling regularly gives you overall fitness, lower risk of heart diseases and many more benefits.

Every 30 minutes of cycling helps you in burning around 280-300 calories. It is a great form of workout for any beginner or an athlete. As it’s a low impact exercise it doesn’t stress your joints much. One of the best workout to lose weight fast.

4. Swimming– Best Workout To Lose Weight

swimming workout

Swimming is a fun way to exercise and lose weight at the same time. Also, it is very effective to get in the desired shape you really want. It totally depends on how you swim to burn a good amount of calories at once. You can opt for like breaststroke, backstroke, treading, and butterfly to burn a good amount of fat from your body.

With swimming, you can easily burn around 400-500 calories every 30 minutes. To reduce a significant amount of weight you can swim 3 times a week, having a session of 60 minutes every time. Along with reducing your weight, it also improves flexibility and reduces the risk of heart diseases in your body.

5. Zumba

Best workout to lose weight

The best and my personal favorite to lose weight is absolutely Zumba. Zumba gives you an amazing cardiovascular workout in the atmosphere of the lit party. And the best part is, there is no specific time to have Zumba. You can either make it your morning or an evening workout. It is absolutely a fun way to exercise and lose weight if you dislike exercising in general.

Practicing Zumba for 60-90 minutes will help you in losing a good fair 600-700 calories in a day. Isn’t it amazing guys? I know it is! If you cannot spare the whole hour at a time you can even split your workout into sessions of at least 20-25 minutes. A must kind of workout to be in the list of best workout to lose weight.

The Bottom Line

Many exercises can help you to lose weight. Walking, running, swimming, cycling, and Zumba are of the exercises that are highly effective. Now, all you need to do is t pick one kind of workout and stick to it for a longer period of time to get positive results. Als, the kind of workout you chose should be something that you really enjoy doing, and something that you look forward daily to do that.

Let us know which workout you chose for yourself and how god it worked out for you!

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