5 Kickass Birthday Celebration Ideas In Lockdown Mode


5 Birthday Celebration Ideas In Lockdown Mode

We all are stuck in lockdown till now! And the ending of the lockdown doesn’t seem very near isn’t it? Recently COVID-19 has crossed 4.89M cases worldwide. and it’s really heartbreaking to see the world going through such hard times. Apart from COVID-19, 2020 hasn’t been a good year for the whole planet. It’s really devastating. There are people whose birthday’s are coming in lockdown and it seems pretty dull for them. As everything is shut out there and plus ‘SOCIAL DISTANCING’ Well, here I am with 5 Best Birthday Celebration Ideas In Lockdown Mode.

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As we all are still indoors and the whole world is shut the life’s rhythm can’t be stopped. Events and occasions are coming and going but the way we are dealing with has changed. Days will pass by but this special day will not come again. But staying safe is our topmost priority. Obviously, life is very important to us especially in today’s condition, where we are seeing crores of people battling between life and death.

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5 Best Birthday Celebration Ideas In Lockdown Mode

birthday celebration ideas

Twitter and Instagram in fact, all the social media platforms are flooded with the adoring ways people are opting these days to celebrate their or their closed ones’ birthday together. So what if you cannot be physically together at least you can be virtually together!

Here is the list of best Birthday Celebration Ideas and also a list of simple pretty things you might need to make it more fun and if you have them already its great!

Lockdown Birthday Idea #1- A Night Under The Stars- Best Birthday Celebration Ideas

birthday celebration ideas

As, we all are at home and could hardly step out, utilizing our home’s space is the best idea to arrange a small and cute party. Isn’t that sounds really interesting and absolutely perfect! All you have to do is pitch up a tent you can arrange it wherever you want to like a terrace or your garden. Place the tents depending on the number of people, some fairy lights will add an amazing vibe to the whole environment. Next comes your birthday cake and the amazing food!.

Celebrating your birthday in this way will give you a very unique feeling and most of all you might have done these things with your friends but this time you can have a lot of fun with your family or with your partner. It’s a beautiful way to spend the birthday night under the stars with your favorite drinks music some board games and your favorite food! what else you need!

Lockdown Birthday idea #2- Zoom Dinner Party

zoom birthday celebration

Definitely, social distancing is a very important factor in today’s situation to live by. And it might feel a little depressing and frustrated that you’re not able to meet anyone. Your friends, family, or your love. Zoom dinner party is really an amazing idea to cut out those negative feelings and will make you happy and motivated again.

All you have to do is send an invite to people with whom you want to celebrate your birthday. Also, mention the time at which everyone will get together. Not only this you also have to get dolled up for your gathering and a mini birthday celebration party. To make your dinner part for more interesting you all can decide the same menu of food. These ideas will make you feel that you all are really and together and you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Lockdown Birthday Idea #3- A Themed Birthday Movie night

birthday celebration ideas

Binging on some Netflix is never a bad idea. In this birthday celebration idea, you need to pick some themed movies maybe some 2-3 movies will work for the whole night. Along with it include your themed food and drinks to make it really worth. This whole combination will give you an amazing thrill. use the Netflix party to get together there on the group screen time and simultaneously discuss the movie as it goes.

Also, to make it more interesting you can decide to wear themed dresses as well which will give you a complete vibe to be into it and enjoy the birthday celebration in an entirely new way.

Lockdown Birthday Idea #4- A virtual sleep Over- Best birthday celebration ideas

As I mentioned earlier, at the end of the day what matters is ‘Togetherness’. An online sleepover is also an exciting birthday celebration idea which is really enjoyed a lot if implemented in the correct way. First things first, invite your dear friends by sending an online invitation card with a specific mentioned time you want them to be with you.

You can start your sleepover night by watching some karaoke videos together on the group screen, or with some scary ghost stories and you can also play truth and dare game t make your night interesting and when you are done with all the fun activities you need to sleep with the call on! This will give you a great feeling of togetherness and also this kind of birthday celebration will be unforgettable.

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Lockdown Birthday Idea #5- A Birthday Ball

birthday celebration ideas

With this birthday celebration idea, you can play around a lot! The first thing you need to do is get dressed up and ask everyone around you to dress up as well. You need to ask everyone to be creative with their wardrobe and wear something very unique and eyecatching to make the celebration really fun. it can be funny, casuals, formals, or fusion anything! You can also get your themed cake ready according to your attire.

To make it a little extraordinary you can ask your neighbors to sing a happy birthday song from their windows. You can also pass them on your birthday cake for wishing you! Isn’t it a very different way to celebrate your birthday with your friends, family, and dear ones.

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These were the top 5 Birthday celebration Ideas with which you can have a lot of fun celebrating your birthday even in the lockdown mode. Let us know which birthday idea you opted from this list in the comment section below!

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