Top 7 Famous Qatar Islands To Visit In Qatar- Ultimate Island Trip Guide

famous qatar islands

Qatar is, no doubt, a beautiful and highly developed place to visit. Also, not many people know about the best island of Qatar which are beautifully made and are naturally very spectacular. This famous Qatar island list consists of both natural and human-made islands. Some of them are uninhabited, which the tourists frequently visit some. These islands offer its tourists a great variety of activities too. Let’s check out these amazing and very famous Qatar islands in this ultimate guide!

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Mentioned below is the amazing list of famous Qatar islands that you need to visit with your friends, family, or partner for once. We also recommend you to book your tickets prior. As many tourists visit these islands every year, it might not be easy to get the tickets at the last minute.

1. SHRAO’S ISLAND- Famous Qatar Islands

famous qatar islands

As we all know, Qatar is a highly modern and very dynamic country located in the Arabian Gulf. The country is well known for its exquisite famous Qatar islands. These islands enhance the beauty of the country. Not only this country is also known for its abundant wealth and prosperity. The country has the riches economy as compared to all the other countries because of its entire oil crude business.

Qatar is surrounded by many top-class islands like halul island, ishat island, safliya island, and therefore shrao’s island is one of them. Shraso island is an island that lies quite in the midland of Qatar. It just takes easy three hours to reach the island by speed boat from Doha. The island lies exactly 58 kilometers away from the northeast of Doha.

The exotic location ad the availability of many facilities has made the place popular among a great number of tourists. The tourism in Qatar for the island has been increasing day by day. The tourists and the residents enjoy a lot of fun activities here. The location is popularly known for its best climatic conditions. And undoubtedly, the natural vegetation around the island is exquisite.

People who have been visiting the shrines island appreciate th undefinable beauty of the island. They love spending time there on weekends or even on regular days. But make sure you carry everything you require for your needs, As their things are not easily accessible. You can also enjoy many activities like kayaking, skiing, swimming, and scuba diving at this amazing Shrao’s island. One of the most famous qatar island

The island has become the natural abode for several sea birds. The turtles have ma these sandy beaches as their breeding grounds. Also, beautiful marine lives add more beauty to this exotic place. A must place to visit for the nature freaks/ this way you can explore all the gorgeous islands of Qatar and this amazing country also.

Make sure to book your tickets beforehand so that you can get your desired dates as the rate of tourism in Qatar is increasing day by day, which may stop you from getting your tickets on time. Not only this, but you can also book the island visiting Doha tourism. Tourism will provide you with all the necessary things that you might need to travel. Also, you won’t face any problem in reaching the island as they will provide you with a complete instructed guide.

2. ISHAT ISLAND- Famous Qatar Islands

famous qatar islands

Ishat island, situated in the southeastern part of Qatar, has a total land of 20 square kilometers. The water of the Arabian Gulf surrounds the entire island. The island looks extremely beautiful and is a popular sport for visitors and tourists. The residents of Qatar visit the place very often and also treat it as their weekend spot to spend some time there friends and family.

This famous qatar islands consists of three flat-topped islets. These islets are fringed with light-colored cliffs, which makes it look more natural and beautiful. There are big rocks found lying to the northeast of the Khor al udaid. It is believed that these rocks were detached from one of the colored cliffs a long time ago. But there is no specific proof to reveal the true identity of these spread rocks.

You can visit the island easily by booking your trip with Doha tourists and visitors. Doha tourism will provide you with the complete instructed tour guide for the Ishrat island. The location of the island is purely exotic. The best thing about these famous Qatar islands is the climate. The climate attracts a great number of visitors. Usually, the weather around the island is cool, and people love to enjoy the cool weather and relax them for prolonged hours.

A great number of tourists and visitors visit the island every year. And the place is always crowded with the residents of Qatar, especially on the weekends. You can enjoy a lot of fun activities there like kayaking trips and many other water sports. The scenic beauty of the island makes this place an excellent tourist destination. The location is amazingly beautiful, and once you visit, it makes you addicted by calling you back again and again.  

Therefore, if you haven’t visited this gorgeous island, visit these famous Qatar islands now, especially if you are a nature lover. Make sure to carry everything you need along with you as there is nothing easily accessible. From food, water to emergency medicine.s Make sure you have everything in advance. Though the island is devoid of green vegetation, you can still have a lot of fun exploring around the waters and enjoying the beautiful marine life of the island.

For easy traveling, you can also book your travel guides with the tourism company. These companies can offer you great services. They also bring along the food items and all the emergency stuff in case it is needed for any situation.

3. PEARL ISLAND- Famous Qatar Islands

famous qatar islands

In today’s world, where countries and international traveling is developing at a very fast pace, new technologies and new things are being developed every day. And as ambition and innovation needs to go hand in hand to deliver the best developing things to the world for any other thing, the work of a developer never gets done this way. It requires the constant approach of developing unique things all the time. Well, Pearl Qatar is the best answer for the best development and innovation product.

The Pearl Qatar is a human-made island. This famous Qatar islands is located off the west bay. It is still under the competition. The island is open for tourism, and people can visit the island and enjoy all the fun activities here. Unlike the other island of Qatar, this island has all the posch facilities. The island has already caught the attention of numerous people because of the excellent infrastructure.

According to the reports, the pearl will be the world’s first landmass with multiculturalism. The residential and business opportunities are also being implemented at the pearl island. The name of the island suggests the history of the amazing history of Qatar I terms of the industry of pearls.

At pearl , famous Qatar islands, you can find a great variety of residential towers, shopping malls, renowned 7-star hotels, with dozens of varieties of little luxury also. No doubt, The Pearl is a popular visitor attraction of its chic elegance, outdoor atmosphere, and al fresco dining. Hence it’s inviting description as the ‘Arabian Riviera.’

The ultimate design layout of the pearl island which is one of the most famous qatar islands is planned to be designed in the form of the pearl strings to denote the history of pearls in Qatar. When the infrastructure of the pearl island is complete, it will be featuring atleast thirteen islands. Out of those thirteen islands, eight will be for freehold ownership by their private owners. And the rest five island will consist of luxury apartments and villas.

In short, we can say that the pearl island is the best and the king of all the islands in Qatar. A must place to visit at your weekend or normally without any special occasion—a large number of tourists revisiting the island every year. And the count of tourists or the local visitors never decreases it is just increasing over time. Also, the development hasn’t been stopped yet. The developers are adding more and more facilities to this beautiful piece of land.

4. HALUL ISLAND- Famous Qatar Islands

famous qatar islands

Halul Island is purely and solely operated by Qatar petroleum. Qatar being one of the richest countries in the world earns the majority of its income through oil exports. It became of the richest economies in the world due to the tremendous import and export of crude oil as the product itself was discovered in Qatar.

There are many attractions to this well establishes Country. And the place is popularly known for its great islands. Some of the popular islands so as Qatar are ishat island, the pearl island, share an island, and halul island is one of these popular attractions.

The halul island, which is about 190 feet in height, is hilly. The island is located 80kms northeast of the city of Doha and has an approximate area of about 1.5 square kilometers. There are several coral reefs in the sea and surrounded by the sea. This aquatic beauty provides the opportunity for scuba diving to all the visitors of the halul island. Even just sitting and watching the marine life is the best thing you can do there.

Surrounding this famous Qatar islands, you will found a great variety of fishing grounds all over, which are the best options for fishing enthusiasts and fishermen. Halul Island is the major international oil terminal. The island boasts of around 11 large crude oil storage tanks with a total capacity of 5 million barrels. And that is huge to maintain. A heliport is always ready for the staff of the oil company, and many other facilities are provided for the staff, which makes it easier for them to live around that area.

The majority of people visit Doha to explore and watch the beautiful surroundings of the island for peace and relaxation. The natural and scenic beauty of the halul island is addictive. People of Qatar and from outside keep coming back to watch the beauty of the hills, and the blue seas, marine life, and the natural vegetation. It is very easy to reach the island.

Also, all the facilities are provided near to this as the crude oil companies are set up there, which makes it highly developed along with clubhouse and restaurant facilities. Hence,halul island is one of the most famous Qatar islands.
Recently, a project has been taken up to improve and enhance the greenery and marine life of this lavish halul island. They have taken the initiative to plant more flowering plants by cleaning up the area, whichever seems dirty.

5. AL SAFLIYA ISLAND- Famous Qatar Islands

famous qatar islands

If you haven’t been to this gorgeous place yet, then this is the right time to visit the al safliya island right away. Al safliya is a barren island; only a stone throw away from Doha dhow harbors at the cornice. Though this famous Qatar islands seems t be pretty barren, it doesn’t have many offers to the visitors. The only specialty about this place is the view it provides towards the Doha west bay and its skyline. The view is exquisite during the time of sunset. The beauty of the view cant even is easily described in just a few words.

This mantra ray shaped famous Qatar islands is located in the south of Qatar. The al safliya is a popular weekend destination for the residents o Qatar because Doha its proximity between Doha and pearl Qatar. The northeastern side of the island is pretty shallower and sandy in texture, which in contrast falls on its southern side. The water levels near the shores of al safliya island are very shallow.

Therefore, you can either hop on a small boat, or you can either swim off to the island easily.
To be very honest, the place doesn’t offer many facilities to the visitors apart from the pergolas and wooden umbrellas that offer protection from the harsh sun rays. And that’s all bout the place, guys. You have t bring everything of your own. Especially if you have planned a picnic schedule, make sure to carry your food, sheets, water, everything. Else, you might need to rush back home right away in some time.

There is a great variety of water sports available on the island. And apart from that, you can indulge in many other fun activities like kayaking, jet ski, stand up paddleboard, and even banana boat ride is also available at the island. The most important thing to do the alsafliya island is to watch the astonishing view at the time of sunset of the sky line. This view only is the most popular spot where people love to click pictures and flaunt it around.

You can reach the island easily by contacting any local bus operator and booking the bus package, or you can either drive to the al safliya island. Even driving can be an amazing time because of the gorgeous view of the roads all around. A must place to visit for the nature freaks. They will love the place due to the sunset and peaceful and subtle surroundings.

6. AL KHOR/PURPLE ISLAND- Most Famous Qatar Islands

famous qatar islands

Al Khor island or purple island, also known as the azirat bin ghanam, is located off the east coast in Shafiq bay. There are many misconceptions behind the name of the gorgeous island, as some people think that the island was named purple island because of the purple flowers that grow in the area swamps.

But, the reality behind it was pretty interesting. This famous Qatar islands was home to the species of sea snail and other aquatic animals, which were used to produce purple dye about three thousand years ago, and that’s how it was named a purple island.

Well, if you are really looking for a place to escape from the hassle of daily life, then there could be no better option than visiting this beautiful purple island. Located in the municipality of the al Khor on the northeast coast of Qatar, the island will satisfy you with its hideous natural beauty.

Despite its name, the island is in subtle green color surrounded by a lot of treens and flora and fauna. In short, we can say that the place is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Back in the earlier time, the island was never permanently inhabited but was only visited for specific reasons or some work.

As the purple island is located just 50km north of Doha, which is approximately an hour’s journey. Reaching the island is also accessible by small cars or sedans too. All you need to do is drive al Khor via shamal highway and turn right before al Meera Shakira. And then you can easily reach the destination without spending much time driving.

Once you reach, you can explore the beautiful wildlife of the island. The mangroves forest enhances the beauty with beautiful birds flying all over the island. Make sure you carry your lunch, snacks, or other food items as there you won’t be able to access any supermarket easily. You can also enjoy a lot of fun activities on the island. A large number of tourists visit this famous Qatar islands frequently every year.

One of the best things that you can d do at the purple island is to go for a kayaking trip. The trip is available all through the mangroves. Definitely, the ride is paid and requires pre boking always. Therefore, if you haven’t visited this natural beauty. Visit the place now and make sure about the facilities provided by the area if at all you plan to go there for the whole day or even fr a half-day slot.

7. AL-ALAIA ISLAND- Famous Qatar Islands

famous qatar islands

Located in the beautiful waters of the Arabian Gulf, Qatar is a peninsula. The main industries of gorgeous Qatar are fishing and pealing for 50 years. Also, ten years back then, Qatar discovered oil, which changed the entire future of the country. With the discovery of oil, the number of oil reserves makes Qatar one of the richest countries in the world. Qatar is surrounded by a great number of islands, and some of the islands are halul island, sharos island, ishat island al saflia island, and similarly, Alai island is one such famous Qatar islands that surrounds the most beautiful country Qatar.

Much bigger than Al Safia Island, Alia island is as big as 2suare km. Transportation is available to the island from the mainland.

Also, Qatar tourism provides all the facilities from the mainland to all the neighboring land and island, through boats and speed boast. With this means of transport and facilities, tourism has solved the transport problem, and it is no longer tough to reach the island from the mainland.

Generally, tourists come over to thalia island, usually during the weekends, after getting free from their hectic weekly schedule. They come to enjoy the beauty of nature and the pleasant and soothing sea breeze along with the deep blue waters of the gulf. The water sports in the al Alia island are provided by Qatar tourism and are widely popular across s the whole world.

Most of the tourists visit Alia island during the weekend and enjoy all the available water sports. There are many types of water sports available at Alia island, and they are surfing, swimming, windsurfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. One of the best places for the visitors and locals to come over and escape from the crowds and enjoy a very calm and peaceful place with their friends or family.

Al Aliya island is also known as an artificial piece of land. The island looks like a small low lying area, which is brown in color. Qatar is a country especially known for its beautiful island s, and the services provide there, which attracts a lot of tourists and people all around the world. Therefore, to make your vacation easy, you can definitely visit Qatar, which is really a very beautiful country, and visit this al Alia island simultaneously and explore some more amazing places in Qatar.


So dear readers, this is the ultimate guide of top 7 famous Qatar islands that you one should definitely visit. If you have any doubts regarding any island related queries, feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below! Also, share this post with your friends and families.

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