Free Music Apps For iPhone That Doesn’t Need Wifi

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Best Free Music Apps For iPhone That Doesn’t Need WiFi – MUST TRY APPS In 2020

Apple is one of the premium brands in the smartphone market. There are various iPhone music player available for you to choose from. This allows you to try new options apart from the inbuilt Apple music. So if you’re in search of an alternative iPhone music player that will assist you in listening, transferring, and storing your audio files from the iOS music library then you’re absolutely at the right place. As in this post, we will share free music apps for iPhone that doesn’t need wifi.

 I’m going to tell you the list of the best free music apps for iPhone that doesn’t need wifi. These music player applications will help you to figure out the best iPhone music player for you out there.

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How Does Music Work On iPhone- Free Music Player On iPhone That Doesn’t Need Wifi

First, let us understand the mechanism behind the working of music in iOS. As it is a bit different from another operating system like Android. Apple has a very rigid and outdated mechanism in terms of its media management. Because you will need to import music in your library if you’re using your own files. After this, you will need to sync your device for the computer in which your audio files are stored.

Now, you might agree when I said a rigid and outdated mechanism. But remember everything has a negative and positive in both aspects. The good part about this approach is that your media is wholly responsible or managed by the operating system and the drawback of this approach is that you cannot use your browser for direct downloads. If your iPhone is not running iOS 13 or higher.

Now, without wasting much of time, let’s get into the list of free music apps for iPhone.

What Music App Doesn’t Need WiFi For iPhone- Free Music Apps For iPhone That Doesn’t Need Wifi

Below Mentioned is the list of mus free music apps for iPhone that doesn’t need wifi. Try them out and let us know which one you liked of all.


free music apps for iPhone that doesn't need wifi

Now starting with the first free music apps for iPhone that doesn’t need wifi is Flac box. Flac box is that kind of music player which might be loved by everyone. Because this iPhone music player eases your task of listening to the songs directly from your device. And you do not need to go through the syncing.

Hustle apart from directly choosing tracks from your library and downloads you can simply connect to any cloud server and access the media from there and get started streaming hassle-free.

Now my favorite feature is that this music player lets you connect to a local server using SMB protocol AKA Samba server. Now using this SMB protocol I can simply connect to my local media server. Flac box supports all kinds of audio files and is compatible to play any kind of format whether it’s mp3 or m4a or VAT or any other file format.

#2. LISTEN:– Free Music Apps For iPhone That Doesn’t Need Wifi

free music apps for iPhone that doesn't need wifi

Now next free music apps for the iPhone is listen. Listen is a gesture-based music player. The name itself is very connecting as you’d love to listen to great music. Listen iPhone music player is a gesture-based player. Where you can use a finger swipes and gestures to operate your whole music player. The current playing screen is attractive and sleek. Which enhances the overall look and design of the music player.

It is one of those music players which will minimize your efforts with your finger gesture. The free version of this music player is very cool but if you want premium features then you have to pay some extra bucks to take advantage of this music player.


musixwatch apps

 Now next is MusixMatch. It is one of the refreshing music players in the list as it helps you to find lyrics of your favorite tracks which is downloaded on your device with the facility to connect your Apple Music and Spotify profiles to this music player

Musixmatch allows you to track lyrics while playing the song. So that you can better understand the meaning of the track and connect with the song. And this feature is what makes it different. If we compare it to other music players is that it has a built-in schedule like an integration named identity that lets you find the name of the song played in the surroundings.

I mean seriously this feature will definitely help you to quickly find the name of the song played in the background and get started listening with one single tap.


free music apps

Now I’m starting to talk about Spotify. Yes, you all know about this popular music player application. This application has a subscriber base of about 75 million. Spotify provides the option of enjoying the music offline which is one of the main reasons it is loved by masses. And is ranked as one of the best streaming applications in the world.

Spotify is a versatile application which has a wide range of genre in its library. And allows you to search from a wide range of music. It not only stream music but also allows you to stream audiobooks and podcasts without charging a single penny.

Spotify is my personal favorite in this list of free iPhone music apps. It’s highly recommended. This app also has a free tire service that comes with ads and to avoid those advertisements you need to switch to the premium version of the application. One of the best free music apps for iPhone that doesn’t need wifi.

#5 BOOM:

music apps

 Now next up in the list is a Boom music player. This player sports a catchy look with a decent user interface and handy features. What makes it decent and preferable is that it allows you to access music from your Dropbox and Google Drive.

It also has a well-managed equalizer which allows you to adjust genres according to the music and mood of the track. Boom is a good music player that helps you to customize your music player according to your taste.

It has some bugs but is relatively impressive in terms of performance. This app is entirely free. But if you want to make some in-app purchases like you want new themes then you will have to pay $4 to access these premium services.

#6 SOUNDCLOUD:– Best Free Music Apps For iPhone That Doesn’t Need Wifi

free music apps for iphone that doesn't need wifi

Now last but not least is Soundcloud. SoundCloud is a free iPhone music player which is one of the best music players in the market. Which provides you to perform all media-related activities like uploading music, podcasts, and sessions. Some clouds provide you a premium features.

After you purchase the premium subscription of the player. The premium plan allows you to download offline music and add free music which will cost you between $5 to $10.


So dear readers, we are done with our list of free music apps for iPhone that doesn’t need wifi. We have tried to cover all the fields which are needed for an iPhone music player. So that you’re left with a wide variety of choices. We have compiled this list to match up to your expectations of the iPhone music player. So your comments and suggestions are always welcome and we consider them valuable.

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