15 Most Important Lessons Learned In Life

lessons learned in life

Most Important And Valuable Lessons Learned In Life

Hello dear readers, today in this post we are going to tell you the most important lessons learned in life by everyone. These lessons are the basics that every person has to go through in their lives. The motive of mentioning these lessons in detail is to accept the harsh facts of life. These lessons are applicable in every aspects maybe relationship, life parametres, business and anything else.

Factual Lessons Learned In Life

Let’s start with the amazing lessons learned in life. Read these carefully to understand them. These lessons learned in life can help you understand how are people in the world and can help you in making your decisions logically. Let’s start now without wasting much of time.

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Table Of Contents

#1. Everything Is Temporary:– Lessons Learned In Life

lessons learned in life

The minute we get into something we start creating a kind of deep attachment with that thing. It can be a living thing or a nonliving thing. People create attachment and loving bonds with their toys, some with money, some with love, and some get obsessed over some other thing. So, here’s the thing you need to understand.

Anything you have is temporary. Nothing really lasts. It’s one of those things you can only fully grasp when you’ve already seen it happen in your past. We all want to live forever, we all want to be eternal but everything you do at some point will be gone and people will have forgotten it. So might as well go for it right at some point whatever the result. It’ll be gone and forgotten.

#2. Life Isn’t Fair:

If you were expecting something else, sorry to disappoint you with the truth. The promotion will probably go to someone who’s been smooth-talking. The boss despite the fact that you’re more qualified and work harder than that girl, might like the douchebag more. Despite you thinking that you’d be the perfect fit than her.

You’re experiencing life through your own eyes so you’re going to be biased no matter what. We do not live in a perfect world and even if you did it wouldn’t care much for you as an individual. There’s like 8 Billion of us. The world doesn’t owe you anything. Just because you think you deserve something doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.

#3. Others Treat You The Way You Treat Yourself Not Them:– Best Lessons Learned In Life

lessons learned

It’s weird when you realize that someone else’s attitude towards you depends on yourself and not the other person. The way you treat yourself as an individual. These are all in your control. You can choose to grow to learn to improve. You as an individual is the sum of your experiences and beliefs.

Think of this small experiment. If you were to move to a new city where nobody ever knew. You wore different clothes, listen to different music, started speaking differently, and changed your interests. The people you’ll meet will accept your new version. Because this is the reality they encountered. First have more respect for yourself. Even demand it, stand up for what you believe in, and don’t let others walk all over you. It’s these small things that will haunt you when you’re older.

#4. The Sacrifices You Make Today Will Pay Dividends In The Future:

Many of those who are in the last quarter of their lives. Look back at the poor choices they’ve made. Especially the time they wasted. It’s always easier to see where you could have done better. When you look back to the past many of them agree that with just a bit more strategy in play they could have been in a way better position than they find themselves in right now.

They all regret not reading more, early on and none of them remember any time wasted watching TV. If they were smarter with their time they wouldn’t have sacrificed as much as they had.

#5. Sacrificing Your Health For Success Or Wealth Isn’t Worth It:– Important Lessons Learned In Life

lessons learned

 It’s weird seeing this one after the previous point. But it’s definitely true we have a tendency to always want more and very few people. No one to solve money is the most important thing in the world. When you don’t have it. Once you get it. It doesn’t matter that much anymore. Nobody wants to sacrifice their own health in adjustments necessary in order to protect yourself over the potential gain.

With old age, you’ll look back and think of yourself as a fool for not paying more attention to the one thing which could give you more time with those you love.

#6 Fear Of Embarrassment Or Criticism Stops You From Being Who You Really Are:

avoid criticism

You get one shot at this life. So might as well go for it. The main reason most people fail at anything in life is because they don’t give it a go. We all find excuses to try to our perceived image from what other people think of us. But in the end they don’t matter. It’s a choice you have to make for yourself. Who do you want to be? Will you be yourself or will you be someone who other people are expecting you to be.

#7. Things Don’t Matter That Much:

material things

When you’re young you want things. Because you see other people having things and you think your life would be better if you had them as well. Material things are just things. They don’t make your identity. Possessions are raw materials moved from one place to another do you think ten years from now you’ll care that at the moment you have the latest iPhone.

We want things because we are being sold on wanting them look around. You right now look around how many things do you have around you which you don’t really need. You need tools not things and nobody needs more than a couple of essential tools to get the job done.

#8 Even The Longest Night Was Followed By A Morning:


 Some things will take longer than twelve hours to pass. Maybe a couple of months or even years. But one thing is for certain. No matter how hard it is right now. How dark everything seems. There will come a day when you’ll feel better. Even bad times are temporary. This particular mindset will help you push through some of the most difficult bits life will throw at you. Don’t take this advice lightly.

#9. Happiness Is A Choice And It Requires A Lot Of Hard Work: Lessons Learned In Life


Happiness isn’t something that depends on anything, it doesn’t even need anyone’s approval. Happiness is something you experience by yourself. Because your reality is in tune with your expectations. The good news is you can choose to be happy. The bad news is you need to put some real effort into it. Because just as anything worth pursuing it won’t happen by itself. At least not to the degree you’re looking for.

#10. This Moment Right Now:

This is you being alive. This is your moment and it’s passing by the second every now. It is immediately absorbed by the past. How poetic is that when we think of life. We usually look at the entire thing but rarely realize that moments like this one right now where you’re reading this post that make up all the pieces of it. Most people learn the importance of the moment too late in life and missed a great deal of opportunities to seize it

#11.  Everyone Is Really Out For Themselves:

Everyone is the hero in their own movie. And everyone wants to ride into the sunset with the girl of their dreams. We all experience life from the first-person point of view and since you were born you were the most important thing you have ever experienced. You need to protect yourself and prosper. Guess what? That’s what everybody thinks it might be hard to accept.

But the same way you think of yourself as special someone else thinks the same thing about themselves. We can’t all be the lead in the same movie. So people will try to get that sunset for themselves as long as you live to remember this. Because it will help you see other people for what they really are human just like you.

#12. Beneath Anger Is Always Fear:– Beautiful Lessons Learned In Life

 As the wise Yoda says fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger which leads to hate and then it leads to suffering. Whenever we suffer especially for long periods of time at first we believe it’s because of something outside of us.

We find below that hate is a rumble of anger and certainly something we’ve held onto for far too long. But beneath all of that is always fear. A fear of losing, a fear of vulnerability, a fear of letting go. But if you can get to the point of acknowledging. That fear you’ll see it’s light-hearted shadow compassion and then you’ll be able to move forward.

#13.  The World Is Bigger Than You Got To Experience:– Lessons learned in life

Almost everyone wishes they could have seen more of the world experienced more and have it. Reveal more of its secrets. This planet is amazing. Filled with different people, different cultures, cuisines, architecture, beliefs and visions for the future. If the whole world was a book it really would be a shame to only read a couple of its pages.

#14. A Lifetime Isn’t Very Long:

It’s something you don’t really think about much when you’re young. Because it seems long life is abundant. Because we compare the amount of life. We’ve lived to the amount of life we think we have left. You need to live your life to the fullest and give every task your 100 percent.

#15.  You Played It Too Safe:– Lessons Learned In Life

No matter how fast life is going for you, No matter how big your current worries are. When you’re at the end of your life you’ll be looking at these days wondering why didn’t you take even bigger risks. Why didn’t you live more? Why didn’t you try to go big instead of settling for what was safe?

This moment right now is the beginning of a new journey. One that will make the old version of yourself proud when they look back in time. It’s time to go big. Be bold live, be the best possible version of yourself put on a show for an audience of one yourself.


So dear readers, I bet these lessons learned would be very helpful in learning the fundamentals of your life. Let us know if you loved reading the post. You can also drop a comment in the comment section below!

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