Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns In 2020


The advent of the most successful Kickstarter in 2009 assured in a new era of community support and patronage. Everything from inventions to expensive surgeries can be crowdfunded from anonymous donors online. And the company is more profitable than ever since its inception Kickstarter has raised over 3.3 billion dollars. But a successful online campaign doesn’t guarantee a company will flourish in the real world. From backpacks to card games and coolers. Therefore, we’re exploring the biggest Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns and projects and where they are now.

So, let’s start and have a look at these amazing Top 5 Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns Of all the time.

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The projects and the campaigns mentioned below have been very successful in flourishing their companies. We can learn a lot and establish anything that we aspire to in terms of business. Have a look at these most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all the time.


most successful kickstarter campaigns

 The fidgets cube was first conceived in 2016 by Colorado Brothers Matthew and Mark McLaughlin. They founded a small inventing operation called MClabs. And pitched their friends and family on a device that was intended to soothe those with a tendency to fidget. The fidget cube had a simple design. And a whole host of different tactile features. On each side letting you absent-mindedly spin click roll or rub with the tiny interactive toggles. The brothers described their own need for the cube-

We both have a hard time sitting while working; when we’re brainstorming, working through a projector, or just on a phone call. We almost always are moving around and playing with things at our desks. When we recognize this we checked out what tools were available for fidgeting. And we couldn’t find anything that we’d feel truly comfortable using. And so the fidget cube was born!

It became a massive success earning more than 6,460,000 million dollars in just a few months. It seemed that the public craved an outlet for their nervous energy. But unfortunately for the investors, the company missed a series of promised delivery dates. During this time other opportunistic copycat companies completed their designs first effectively rendering the fidgets cube. Useless though delays are expected with most Kickstarter project deliveries for fidgets cube. Which got dragged on for months of course. In the following year, a much more popular fidget product came to prominence after.

Fidget spinners flooded the market fidget cube. It seemed like a long shot at best with thousands of dismayed supporters the McClellan’s had a PR disaster on their hand show ever. ANSI Labs is still up and running selling fidget cubes and new inventions to the mass.

#2. THE EVERYDAY BACKPACK:- Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns

kickstarter campaigns

On the surface, the everyday backpack by peak design is a simple sleek monochrome pack. But for whatever reason. When the Kickstarter went live in late 2016 the public was ravenous in just a few short months.

Twenty-six thousand supporters pledged more than 6.56 million dollars for the piece of outdoor gear. And it’s easy to understand why the everyday backpack has a series of pockets and secret compartments. That are naturally engineered into the layout of the bag. This makes it perfect for photographers hikers and stargazers. Most of Peaks design bags are hovering around the $200 price point. So they’re not cheap but for a durable versatile backpack, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option. And the company came from relatively humble beginnings in 2010.

A fresh-faced Minnesota born man named Peter Darren went on a four-month trip around the world. During his trip, he learned that carrying a DSLR camera is a major inconvenience. He returned to his apartment and did what any responsible person would do. Quit his steady job and spend ten months designing a bag specifically for carrying cameras. The first bag became available on Kickstarter in 2011. And the rest is history peak design is now one of the fastest-growing names. And outdoor gear and they’re only getting started. One of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns.

#3.  OUYA:

most successful kickstarter

OUYA was a record-breaking Kickstarter project that raised its funding goal within eight hours after meeting the goal. They still supported pre-orders through their Kickstarter project for $99 per console. They raised 8.5 million dollars through Kickstarter and eventually released is a tail version of the console. Needless to say, the console was extremely popular and much cheaper than its competitors and compatible with any Android phone.

Ouya was a brilliant idea. But it turns out there’s a reason that Nintendo and PlayStation spend millions of dollars on research development and design making at technologically. A sound gaming system with a wide variety of options is extremely difficult. And the OUYA sputtered in the first years after its release. The most substantial issue is that most game developers were working for mobile games or traditional console games. And few wanted to risk the new frontier of OUYA.

As a result the founders eventually sold the company and hardware assets to the game hardware company Razer. Who folded the system into razor Forge TV elements of the OUYA. Which are still available in Razer products but most of the technology has been phased out completely.

#4.EXPLODING KITTENSA:Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns


Rather an unlikely record holder exploding kittens earned dozens of Kickstarter superlatives in the first months. Modeled after the success of cards against humanity. The online comic artists’ -Elan Lee and Matthew Inman; used their pre-existing fan base to score one of the biggest crowdfunding projects in history. Their reasonable goal of $10,000 was met in only 10 minutes. And in the next week, they gained more than a hundred and three thousand backers easily. The most in Kickstarter history. Fast forward one month the company had twice as many backers and a whopping 8,780,000  million dollars in expendable income.

The gameplay goes like these players take turns drawing from a deck of cards; until someone draws kitten and you guessed it explodes. But they can also strategically deflect the kittens onto opponents, or defuse them with things like laser pointers and catnip sandwiches. They can also use the power of a unicorn enchilada. And tap selected cards like the Tacocat to activate special powers. Harnessing the power of random humor and good business tactics. Leanne Denman delivered on their promises within a few months since then they have introduced a series of expansion packs. Exploding kittens remains a best-selling game and its founders are a million names many times over.

#5. BAUBAX:– Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns

kickstarter campaigns

The BAUBAX combines fashion function and fun all into one convenient package. It’s flush with features like an iPad pocket; a face mask earphone holders, passport pocket, and a neck pillow built into the hood. It’s billed as a travel jacket. And its founders wanted to make a piece of clothing that was custom designed to make air travel easier.

The founders who move to the U.S from India; a little more than four years ago initially hoped to raise $20,000. The jacket was a simple solution to a problem as a long-distance couple living in Chicago and the Bay Area. They really wanted to make one aspect of travel a little less inconvenient and super easy to maintain and adapt. One of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns.

“Every time I would fly I like to catch up on some sleep”  -says co-founder Hiral Sanghavi.

She turned down a summer internship at Apple to work on the campaign; shortly after it launched million dollars. His wife quit her job to work on the jacket full-time. The couple had earned 9.2 million dollars on Kickstarter. And around 2.3 million dollars on IndieGo. Making it one of the most supported crowdfunding projects in history through a series of copycat designs that appeared on the market. Bow-Bow still has brand recognition and remains a multi-million dollar clothing company.

TakeAway:– Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign

so dear friends these were the famous and the most successful Kickstarter campaigns that you would love to know about. The ideas used by the companies to create their inventions will inspire you to do something absolutely unique. For more queries drop a comment in the comment section below. you can learn a lot from these amazing most successful Kickstarter campaigns.

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