The 6 Most Successful Shopify Stores In 2020



Whether you’re already running an apparel online store and need some inspiration, or you’re thinking of setting one up. It’s always helpful to take notes from the merchants who are crushing it with their fashion stores. If fashion and apparel is your niche, then you’ll love this post. We have curated the 6 most successful Shopify stores which will inspire you and pump you up instantly.

We’re going to study the awesome marketing techniques and unbeatable product selection behind the best successful Shopify stores in the apparel niche. With some numbers to prove just how well these stores are doing.

Excited to learn about them? Let’s start and have a look at these amazing brands and their kickass strategies!

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6 Most Successful Shopify Stores In 2020| Fashion And Apparel

The list curated and mentioned below is from purely fashion niche. It may differ from various other niches accordingly.


most successful shopify stores

Negative Underwear wants to help women feel confident in their own bodies. They sell minimalistic underwear without the usual frills like bows and push-up pads. Their unconventional approach to underwear has led to unconventional success. This Shopify store’s revenue grew 150% just after it launched. Negative Underwear has gotten positive press from big publications like Forbes, Vogue, and The Wall Street Journal for designing functional underwear with amazing appearance.

But what this brand does really well? Marketing. Every store visitor sees a pop-up announcing their monthly $100 gift card giveaway. All the visitors have to enter the email address for a chance to win. This giveaway is so compelling and so simple to enter.

Negative Underwear publishes awesome content too. For example, their “Fit Quiz” helps customers find the perfect underwear size and styles for them. To sum up, great marketing and great content are what make Negative Underwear an engaging and profitable online underwear store.

#5. UGMONK:– Most Successful Shopify Stores

most successful shopify stores

Ugmonk originally was started as a side project for its founder, Jeff Sheldon. Today, the company has shipped tens of thousands of products to over 60 countries around the world. Ugmonk is a case study master class in branding. Their products range from everyday clothing to workspace clothing. All featuring clean graphic designs.

Ugmonk’s shirts have been spotted all over television and the web, and have even been in an episode of Project Runway and Cougar Town. Entrepreneurs interested in starting a print in-demand store would do great if they study Ugmonk’s success. After all, with print on demand, the design is one of the few things that differentiate your products from your competitors’. One of the most successful Shopify stores.


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Taylor Stitch launched its Shopify store in 2010. Selling custom and tailored menswear. Taylor Stitch offers Classic Men’s Clothing. Inspired and Designed in California. How cool does that sound? Taylor Stitch is great at building strong relationships with their customers. One way they do this is by soliciting user-generated content.

Taylor Stitch encourages customers to share their stories. Over the years, customers have shared amazing stories and pictures from fly fishing trips, motorcycle crashes, hurricane clean ups, and wedding days. Thanks in part to these marketing efforts. Taylor Stitch’s revenue has tripled each year since its launch.

Just three years after it opened for business, the company made $1.5 million in sales. And it has continued to grow since then. And despite all those sales, Taylor Stitch’s home page still advertises a deeply discounted special offer. 20% off a customer’s first purchase, in exchange for their email. It just goes to show that no store is too big or too profitable for clever, tried, and tested marketing techniques.

#3.MARC WENN: Most Successful Shopify Stores


All products of the brand are designed by Marc Wenn in London. The focus is on shoes, wristwatches, and backpacks. When starting out, Marc Wenn advises entrepreneurs do many things that don’t scale to ensure good business.

For example, Marc suggests that personally emailing the first 100 customers to say thank you will go a very long way for any business, just as it did for his Shopify store. Marc Wenn attracts buyers with his awestruck product photography. This is true no matter what screen the customer is on, as these photos are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. And again, you’ll notice that despite the success of this store, Marc Wenn still promotes discounts.


Bremont is a British luxury watchmaker that produces beautifully engineered chronometer timepieces. Every year Bremont produces approximately 8,000 to 10,00 watches. In 2017, there were rumors that the company made 15 million pounds.

For this Shopify store, time really is money. This is a watch brand that wouldn’t look or feel out of place in the company of Rolex. They have beautiful videos and engaging blog content that defines the brand by association with British culture and men’s sports teams. One of the most successful shopify stores.

#1. SoYoungInc:


This line of bags for moms and their children earns 25% of its revenue from their online Shopify store. The profit margin on online sales is higher due to the higher margins – all thanks to direct sales, with no portion of revenue going to a third-party retailer. It’s worth studying SoYoung’s marketing techniques.

For example, they sell bags not just to proud mothers, but to their children too. That’s a smart way of selling two products to every one adult customer. Most successful Shopify stores


So dear readers this was all about the most successful Shopify stores which are highly popular in the fashion and apparel industry. Hope y’all loved it. For any queries comment in the comment section below.

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