How To Keep Your Teeth Too White- 5 Best Tips

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HOW To KEEP YOUR TEETH TOO WHITE | 5 Simple Tips To Prevent White Stains on Teeth

How do you keep your teeth too white? I’m going to answer this question in today’s post. I’m going to tell you what I do and what I don’t do and what are the best tips to prevent white stains on teeth. Hopefully, it can help you keep your teeth look white and healthy as well.

Before we dive into today’s post. I need to say a few things. I don’t do any chemical whitening. Therefore I am going to tell you more about how to prevent them from becoming more yellow. That’s what I focus on. I personally do not recommend any kind of professional whitening. And the last time I used a whitening kit at-home was in 2004. So now that you know what we’re gonna tell you about in this post. Let’s begin.

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So here’s is the list of 5 simple yet very effective tips that will help you in keeping your tooth too white for longer. Also, these tips are natural therefore, won’t cause you any harm. Let’s start!

#1. Avoid Staining Your Teeth With Food And Drinks: Best Tips For Keeping Teeth Too White

tooth too white

Our teeth can become yellow because of a lot of different reasons. And one of the biggest one is staining from foods that we consume. Especially the darker ones and the ones that we have on a regular basis. So some of the darker foods that can stain your teeth include tea, coffee, dark sodas like Cola, fruit juice like pomegranate juice, red wine. As well as some foods like blueberries and beets.  While these foods certainly can stain your teeth, it’s not practical to avoid them completely. Because a lot of them actually do have health benefits.

Therefore, you don’t need to be scared of having them if you want to keep your teeth white. I would recommend that you just swish some water in your mouth after you have these foods. As an example, let’s say I have a blueberry smoothie that’s quite dark in color that could stain my teeth. After I’ve had that smoothie, I’ll just swish some water around in my mouth and spit it out and there we go. I don’t have to worry about the staining as much. It’s quite simple.

Note: In the interest of keeping your teeth healthy, I do need to mention something. So if you look online a lot of people will tell you to brush your teeth after having something that can stain your teeth. I’m not telling you to do that. I’m telling you to swish water, which will prevent white stains on teeth. But some will tell you to brush your teeth. Please do not do this. It’s actually a really bad recommendation.

A lot of foods are acidic and after we have those foods the enamel which is the outer layer of our teeth tends to soften just a little bit for a short period of time. And if you are brushing your teeth immediately after eating these kinds of foods, you’re slowly brushing away your enamel. That is really not a healthy thing. If you want to keep your tooth too white for the long-term, do not brush your teeth immediately after eating. It’s important to wait an hour before you brush your teeth. Even most dentists do not recommend brushing your teeth immediately after eating. This way you can keep your teeth too white with the most natural way.

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#2. Avoid Damaging Your Enamel:– Teeth Too White

As I mentioned, the enamel is the outer layer of your teeth. And underneath that, there’s something called dentin. Dentin is yellowish in color and once your enamel wears away. What can happen is that the dentin underneath can start to peek through. So even if your teeth aren’t stained, just because your enamel is thinner, your teeth will look yellow. That is why it’s extremely important to take care of your enamel which will help in keeping teeth too white and prevent it from wearing away. Because once it’s gone- it’s gone. You really can’t bring it back, so take care of it.

 What can you do to take care of your enamel to keep your tooth too white?

  • First things first… whenever you have something acidic, even if it’s not of dark color. For example, white wine or orange juice or pineapple juice anything that’s acidic even if it’s light quantity can potentially wear away your enamel. So it’s a good idea to swish some water in your mouth afterward.
  • Another thing you could do to protect your enamel is. If you’re drinking anything that is acidic. Try to drink it with a straw. Preferably a reusable straw. So you’re not creating all this waste but that’s not something that I personally do. I will just do the swishing afterward. Or I will avoid any really acidic foods that I don’t really need to have.
  • Another thing you can do to keep your enamel healthy and to prevent white stains on teeth is to drink a lot of water. Stay hydrated. When you have a dry mouth and there’s not enough saliva, there’re more acids in the mouth. That can cause enamel damage. So it is a good idea to stay really hydrated. Produce enough saliva and then your enamel will be healthier as a result of that.

#3. Keep Your Teeth Clean: Best Way To Keep Teeth Too White

Keeping your teeth clean can go along way when it comes to having a whiter and brighter smile. I’ll tell you why. When you have plaque build-up on your teeth, it can come across as yellowing. A very pale yellow tint on your teeth. I have noticed that about certain people. When they go for a dental cleaning even if they haven’t had a whitening, their teeth look much brighter than they did before the cleaning. That’s basically because the dental hygienist got rid of the plaque.

What can you do to avoid the plaque and keep the teeth too white?

  • There are a few things. First is to brush your teeth every single day. Twice a day for two minutes. I know this sounds really basic. It is. But there are so many people I know who don’t do that.
  • Second thing is, if you want to consider trying an electric toothbrush, give it a shot. I have seen a big difference in how my teeth look and how they feel and my gum health as well. Since switching over to an electric toothbrush. So I definitely do think it makes a difference. Try a sensitive head first because I tried a regular head and it did not work well for me. So try a sensitive head and see if that works for you.
  • Third thing is to get a dental cleaning twice a year if you can. Because that makes such a big difference. There’s only so much our toothbrushes can do and flossing at home can do. Sometimes you just need that extra help from professionals to get rid of that plaque. It makes a big difference.

#4.  Eat More Fibrous Food:– Get Teeth Too White

prevent white stains on teeth

This is something that I do and I do find that it makes a difference. When you’re eating more fibrous food such as cauliflower or celery… anything that has quite a bit of fiber. Basically that fiber is scrubbing away at the plaque on your teeth. And your teeth will stay cleaner for longer and it does make a difference over time. Especially when you’re consistent with it.

#5. Cut Back On Sugar: Most Important Tips To Get Teeth Too White

cut back on sugar

Now sugar has many different health issues associated with it. But it’s also not good for your teeth. And I find that when I eat something that’s really sugary my mouth tends to have this sort of acidic taste in it. It’s because the sugar is being converted to acid by the bacteria in my mouth. And that can potentially wear away the enamel or weaken the enamel over time. So, if you want healthy, bright teeth and you want to protect your enamel. It is a good idea is to limit the sugar.

Teeth Too White Summary

white teeth summary

Basically you need to remember three things. One is to avoid staining your teeth. Two is to avoid damaging your enamel. And three is to avoid plaque build-up. And if it does build up- remove it. Get it done by a professional. Basically that’s what I do to keep my teeth white. I don’t use any whitening toothpaste in particular. Either don’t do any other whitening things. I don’t have any at-home remedies. Just trying to avoid yellowing the teeth and that’s my approach and hopefully, some of these tips can work for you too.

If you’ve ever tried whitening at home or you’ve done it professionally and had a good experience or if you had a bad experience. Let me know in the comments below. Because I am very curious to know what people’s experiences are. When  I tried whitening it wasn’t so great for my tooth sensitivity. They became very sensitive so that’s why I just tried that at-home whitening kit. Once and then never again. It just didn’t work with my teeth but I’m curious to know what your experience is.


So, dear readers, these were amazing tips for How to keep your tooth too white and avoid white stains on teeth. Hope this guide was useful for you. For any other queries drop a comment in the comment section below!

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