5 Vicious Types Of Liars And How-To Deal With Them

types of liars

5 DIFFERENT TYPES OF LIARS: How to find and deal with them

Today I am going to tell you about different types of liars we come across in our daily lives. It is popularly said that”It’s better to get hurt by the truth, rather than getting satisfied with a lie” Because once revealed the amount of hurt it gives to any person can never be forgotten.

We get to see many such examples in the world where a lie creates a crack in the strongest relationships between people. However, there is no one in the world who does not lie, no matter who he or she is. Some say small lies, some big and some people tell lies just to enjoy it intentionally.

Today, we will learn about such different types of liars and how to avoid them. However, it is impossible to escape from lies but we can be aware and do something which does not create a much bigger problem.

In today’s post, we have known about different types of Liars, but before that we need to know what this Lies means. Let’s get started!

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types of liars

If I want to make you understand in simple language, That clearly means a lie is-

  • Such a thing or such a situation which is not right. Even then, it has been told as a truth.
  • “Anything which is not true, is a lie”.
  • “Everything that is completely opposite to the truth is a lie”.


types of liars

There can be many possible reasons due to which people lie. There are people who tell a lie, then there are people who do not speak lie despite wanting to. There are people who tell a lie to make someone happy, then someone speaks to hurt someone. If someone resorts to lies to avoid false punishments, then someone gets pleasure from speaking lies.

So, there is huge variety of liars and the reasons due to which they lie. It may be a never ending list also! You might come across with such people everyday. Therefore, you should know how to deal with such different types of liars to protect yourself.

Below mentioned are some of the general reasons due to which people lie usually and so, you should be aware of them!

  • They want approval or acceptance from others.
  • They want admiration or impress others.
  • For physical or monetary benefits.
  • To avoid consequences.
  • To hurt someone.
  • To protect someone.
  • To avoid facing reality.


types of liars

Let’s talk about some common types of liars, how to find them out and deal with them smartly. Someone has rightly said that ‘Lying is a disease!’. Just as we humans have many types of disease, lying, in the same way, is also a disease that can have many forms.

Today we will talk about some such different types of liars that every human being in the world does at some point in their personal life. And yes you must have also, haven’t you??

1.   Occasional

Occasional Liars are one of the most common types of liar. In simple language, people who speak lies sometimes or occasionally are called occasional liars. Such lies are not spoken every time, but this does not mean that we should do this, it is not the right thing to do.

These types of liars are not very big nor do they cause much trouble. One good thing about such people who do not speak regular lies is that these people soon accept their lies, which is a good trait. Occasional liars are not professional liars, so their lying is also not perfect and soon they get caught easily. Their aim is to apologize as soon as possible so that the matter does not stretch out and create unwanted misunderstanding with anyone.

2.   Compulsive Liars


Compulsive Liars are those People who can’t speak without lying. Such people always lie. Such people are so much like to lie that even their work cannot be completed without lies. Such people have high addiction to lying and they simply enjoy doing it.

People like compulsive liars are not at all trustworthy, nor should we make such people our friends. We should stay away from these kinds of people. However, you can easily judge such people by looking at their behavior, such as avoiding eye contact, breaking out into a sweat, and tripping over their words or rambling.

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 3.   White Liars

white liars

The next type of liars in this list is a white liar. The logic behind the name of the white liar is that these people speak a lie in a way that is very hard to predict if it was a lie or not! That lie does not look like a lie. This happens because this kind of lie involves some true facts combined with some false facts. And the combination and the connection made through these factors make a white lie.

People do not always consider white lies to be harmful and it is also noticed that speaking white lies sometimes is beneficial. People who speak white lie are very smart. Because when you come across such people they make you feel that it was done by mistake! Smart, Isn’t it?

4.   Pathological Liars

types of liars

We all have lied at some point or the other. In medical terms Pathological lying is also known as mythomania and pseudologia fantastica.  Unlike a normal lie, pathological lie is impulsive and unplanned. Even more importantly this type of deception seems to be told with no external benefit in mind.

In the medical world pathological lying is a controversial topic. This topic is still being analyzed whether the pathological lying is a diagnosable medical condition on its own or it is simply a symptom of another medical illness. 

Some rules of a pathological liar

  • Believe your own lies
  • Look like you’re the victim
  • Attack when there not around
  • Never admit guilt
  • Always deny
  • Always blame others
  • Always cover up with more lies

5.   Sociopathic Liars

sociaopath liars

Sociopathic lying is also a lying disease. As we know, all of us tell lies, but some people have the habit of telling lies so much that one day it turns into a lying disease. These types of liars are very difficult to deal with. The mind balance of such type of liars is so bad that they don’t care how much they hurt someone by one of their lies. False people of such type can lie to any extent. They are very dangerous type of liars.

Highly predictable, yes these types of liars can be predicted by their behavior, tone of speaking and their body language as well. Also, you need to be very cautious while dealing with such types of liars. being around them can give you a lot of negative vibes.

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How To Deal With Liars:

dealing with liars

There are many ways to deal with liars. The best thing you can do is not to respond to them forcefully or with outrage – in spite of the fact that this is actually quite difficult and is inconceivably troublesome.

The liar usually expects an unstable response from you in any case and will utilize this as a redirection and turn the whole circumstance against you. And definitely you don’t want that right? Know that their variant of occasions is likely bogus. The most ideal method of managing liars is to go up against them, reveal to them that you know about reality, and you won’t stand being deceived at all. Get yourself out of this poisonous circumstance and environment. ASAP!

On the off chance that you discover that somebody has determined what they call an ‘innocent exaggeration, and the falsehood doesn’t generally hurt anybody, it is most likely best to release it. You may indicate it to the individual that you know about reality and are releasing it this one time, else this may turn into a propensity. Continually relinquishing innocent exaggerations can cause issues with trust and closeness, so you have to manage it.


Lying is an extremely intricate issue, particularly if a relative or any close ones are included. The most ideal approach to secure yourself is by figuring out what sort of liar you are dealing with. Regardless of how much the other individual attempts to influence you, the best activity is to keep your ethics unblemished and stay positive about reality. Focus on what’s relevant and don’t surrender – this is the best way to manage liars, regardless of whether enormous or little, manipulative, or innocuous. Stay tuned or more amazing content!

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