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10 Simple Weight Loss Tips For Men| How To Stick To A Diet

Body-fat. It seems like everybody I know is trying to lose it and in many cases has tried to lose it and unfortunately found it again. Well if, you’re one of the dudes out there attempting to slim down to get your fine ass This post is for you today. I’m going over ten solid weight loss tips for men to help you lose weight fast and shred our unwanted body fat.

So if you’re looking for somebody to blow smoke up your cute little butt. Go talk to your mother. It’s not me. I get so frustrated when I get the emails that are so delusional about weight loss and their program. They’re like alpha what’s up I can’t seem to get six-pack abs and I’m going to the gym five times a day for three hours at a time!

The truth about weight loss and fat loss is that only about 10% of it has to do with exercise and fitness 90% has to do with what you eat and put in your mouth. And the bummer is that exercise is the fun part. That’s what everybody likes doing right. It’s the diet that is the tough part. Because you can exercise for an hour. But diet, this is something you’ve got to pay attention to 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you don’t your results are going to suffer.

Therefore, let’s get started with the amazing 10 weight loss tips for men which will help you in burning your body fat and to strictly stick to a weight loss diet!

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10 Most Important Mens Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

SO dear readers, before we start make sure to follow all these weight loss tips regularly. As remember, consistency is the key.

#1. Diet Plan:i Important weight loss tips for men

weight loss tips for men

Prior planning prevents poor dieting. You need to have a plan you can’t wing a diet. You can’t wake up on Tuesday get lunch and done. I think I’m gonna start a diet today and sorry you’re doomed. There’s absolutely no chance of your success or your succeeding in actually losing weight. You need to prepare. You need to have a plan. Alright, this plan needs to be thought out and you need to have it structured and then you got to stick to the structured plan.


weight loss tips for men

You need to prepare your meals ahead of time. All right, a lot of times what happens when you’re hungry. You totally lose your will power you lose your mind and before you know it. You’ve eaten a seven-layer burrito, a chicken quesadilla, and nachos. And you’re all bummed out and your diet is sabotage. Because you didn’t prepare your meals in advance. Preparing your meals, taking a day out of the week where you actually prepare a mass quantity of food.

Say you’re eating meat. Therefore, you’re grilling a ton of meat. Making your vegetables and making salads. Buy Tupperware containers or plastic baggies and portion out your meals. So that you always have something ready and a meal planned and prepped ready to eat.

#3. Get rid of the crappy food in your house: Weight loss tips for men

mens weight loss tips

If it’s not there chances are you’re not gonna eat it. If it’s not in your refrigerator in your pantry. You’re not going to eat it. I know for me if it’s there right I’ll just be like casually browsing or grazing as I do. I’ll just grab a handful and that turns into six and before iknow it. I’ve eaten a lot in the next two days. Right! if it’s not there you won’t cheat.

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#4. Limit The Amount That You Eat Out: Weight loss tips for men

mens weight loss tips

Now I know a lot of people will argue that they can stay on a diet and you can. Alright, you need to know how to order. But they will argue that you can absolutely successfully diet by going out to eat. No problem. Here the issue is that you think you’re healthy. But if you’re not aware of the food preparation process. You don’t realize how much extra salt and fat is actually going into cooking.

You’re eating chicken breast, you’re eating broccoli there’s butter, there’s fat there’re preservatives. All right eating out is tough. Like we said when you’re hungry you make poor decisions. So prior to going to a restaurant look at the menu online. Decide what you’re going to have. So when you go, you don’t even open the menu and hence you’re not tempted.

#5.  Be Consistent With Your Water Intake:

best weight loss tips for men

All right you need to drink maximum amount of water. I would say a minimum of two to three liters a day. All right, this does not mean diet coke or sweet tea. This does not mean caramel macchiato. This means plain H20. If you want to flavor it you can do that with a little lemon. Just need to make sure you’re drinking enough. best weight loss tips for men

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 #6. Don’t Live And Die By The Number On The Scale: best weight loss tips for men

mens weight loss tips

This is something that I see and I saw when go to the fitness center. And it’s that so many people when they get on the scale. It can make or break their day. All right you are going to have fluctuations. It’s gonna go up, it’s gonna go down. Also, it’s gonna spike a little and go back down.

The fact is it needs to move in a consistent downward direction. Weighing yourself every single day is a good way to bum yourself out. I would say stick to two to three times a week over the course of the month you will see a reduction. One of the best weight loss tips for men.

#7. Think Of It As A Lifestyle Change And Modification:

Lifestyle Changes

Don’t think of it as a diet. Think of it as a lifestyle change or modification. All right, when we think to ourselves that we are actually restricting something or we’re not able to have. We want it more right? Well, with the diet you need to understand that this isn’t a short-term thing. That’s why so many people are successful and then they fail.

They gain their weight back because they’re engaging in crash dieting or they’ll diet hard and then they go off in. And when they go off the deal is you need to think of this more as a lifestyle change it’s changing your habits you do it long enough they’ll change.

#8. Don’t Focus On The Calories:

calorie deficit

Don’t focus exclusively on the calories you’re consuming. Focus on the quality of the calories you’re consuming. Healthy foods are less calorically dense than nonhealthy foods. All right focus on eating foods that are higher in quality as opposed to the quantity that you’re actually consuming.

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#9. Give Yourself The Freedom: weight loss tips for men

weight loss tips for men

Give yourself the freedom and flexibility to cheat every once in a while now. Though it’s the once in a while that you need to focus on. All right you don’t want to string too many days in a row where you’re actually having cheat meals. Or else you’re kind of not even dieting at all right? But I would say indulge yourself once or twice a week now. Indulge doesn’t mean go nuts and go freak in crazy. Because that’s what people do go like.

#10. Don’t Stay Down:

If you fall off the weight-loss horse. we are going to fail. We are going to screw up. But the people that are successful are the ones that don’t beat themselves up. And I know that it’s hard because you know you might have told people you know. When you first started and you’re telling everybody like I’m gonna do it this time.

Everybody says wow great and then you screw up and you’re embarrassed or ashamed. Listen screw everybody else you’re the only person that matters. The people that are successful in the weight loss game are the people that don’t stay down. They get up they try they get back on the horse and you might fall off that horse 27 freakin times. But it only takes one time to get those feet right in the stirrups. There’s no excuse. You can do it. You just need to give yourself permission to succeed now.


So dear readers these were our best tips for weight loss for men. Hope y’all loved it. For any queries regarding mens weight loss tips drop a comment in the comment section below! Stay tuned for more interesting content.

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