150+ Best 7 Second challenge Ideas [Latest]

best 7 second challenge ideas



Hello folks! today we are going to learn about a very trending term  7- Second challenge! No doubt parenting and taking care of youngsters is an unfathomably overwhelming task these days. Well, you don’t have to worry about it much now, as we are here with the list of Best 7 Second challenge ideas. You can play the 7-second challenge game whenever you feel bored. With these interesting ideas, you can enjoy every moment with your friends and family!

In this post, we have covered various types of the best 7 second challenge ideas for different categories. Therefore, without wasting much time, let’s just dive into the list of best 7-second challenge ideas and start exploring them. Also, read our collection of Hilarious Potato Puns That Will Make You Chuckle!

Best Seven Second Challenge Ideas

7-second challenge games are very popular all over the internet. It basically requires an opponent to finish a particular task under 7 seconds. There can be many self-invented 7 second challenges. But here’s the list of Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas. 


  • Pick up with feet- Spread little non – prickly items on the floor and tell the kid to pick the stuff using their feet within seven seconds. It is engaging as well as a challenging task.
  • Style your hair- Tell your kid to do something like tie the hair into a ponytail or set their hairstyle within 7 seconds and note how well he/she is performing it.
  • The alternate hand challenge- This is another fun and the best 7 second challenge ideas. With this thing to do while using the hand other than the one in practice to do simple things. It may be writing anything like your own name or brushing the teeth. So if your kid is right-handed you can ask him or her to do these tasks with the left hand. Quiet simple, right?
  • No thumb challenge- In this fun best 7 second challenge ideas, all you have to do is to tell your child to do something very simple like opening or closing a door. You can also ask them to do a little tougher task as well.
  • Take off one tight sock- In just seven seconds, you will have to take off one tight sock and you will win the challenge.
  • Touch your feet with elbows- This is another funny thing most of the kids would love to do while doing a yoga-like pose or any other body stretching activity.
  • Running up and down the stairs- This is definitely something that you have to try with your kids. Just see to it that they do not fall down while running down the staircase.
  • Drawing a picture of your pet dog- This is both hilarious and creative which is the reason why you should definitely go for this one. And trust me your kids will love you for this idea.
  • Touching every wall- In this 7-second challenge, the kids have to run around touching each and every wall of the house to win the challenge. In this way, your kid will be physically active.
  • Lick the tip of the elbow-well, It is true that this is technically an impossible challenge, but then who would not like to have a look at little kids trying to lick their elbows frantically to be ahead of the game?
  • Take off one tight sock- In seven seconds, you will just have to take off one tight sock and win the challenge. That’s it?
  • Catching coins with an elbow- Let the kids pick up the coin from the table with the help of elbow or even you can make it a little hard by flipping the coin in the air and then the kid catches the coin with the elbows. See how many they can catch! It will make them eager to catch more coins and win the game.
  • Singing the alphabets in backward fashion- Little kids should have this challenge once in a while to have an engagement of trying to sing Z-A in a hilarious fashion. 
  • Counting the numbers in another language- Try doing it if your kid is bilingual and ask him or her to count in another language at least up to ten. It would be really fun to see them fumble and yet know the other language better!
  • Guess who- This is just like dumb charades, but the play is a lot quicker. It needs pairing up, and while one kid imitates someone the other kid needs to tell who he or she is talking about. In this way, your kids can learn to communicate with each other in a better way.
  • Not my arms- You will need to pair up and have an even number of kids playing this challenge. In this 7 second challenge, one kid needs to put each other’s arms in a thread and loop them up. After doing that, they will have to do some tasks and the other person has to tell what their friends are doing behind their back. This is a challenge that involves two players to go together.
  • Blindfolding- Blindfold your kids and let them carry out simple tasks like closing the door or choosing something correctly. Make sure that you keep an eye on them so that they do not hurt themselves in any case.
  • Name 6 breeds of dogs, or cats or cars just anything- In 7 seconds, naming even 4 would be a challenging task so hike it up by saying they have to mention 6 names of the dog breeds or any other thing that you decide!
  • Making facial gestures- Try to tell the kids to make as many facial gestures as possible within a span of 7 seconds. It is a very laughable thing to look at and also the best 7 second challenge ideas. 

 Best 7 Second Challenge Tasks- Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas

best 7 second challenge ideas

The 7-second test is well known in light of the fact that, in contrast to other fun difficulties, it simple, modest, and can be played anywhere; House parties, spend time with companions, school, detainment, wedding parties.

The main issue with the 7-second challenge game is that you can immediately feel the lack of thoughts; activities for such seven-second games.

To annihilate this issue, we have arranged a rundown of intriguing Best 7 second challenge ideas. Not all the recorded thoughts can undoubtedly be finished inside 7 seconds. You can make these as your 5-second or 10-second challenge games as well!.


  1. Clap your right palm on your left thigh and left palm on your right thigh simultaneously 10 times.
  2. Add mascara to both eyes with no mistakes.
  3. Chop a whole onion in 7 pieces for cooking.
  4. Apply lipstick on your lips without using your hands.
  5. Chew a raw onion and swallow
  6. Apply lipstick to your lips without smudges.
  7. Change your hair to a ponytail?
  8. Apply the nail polish to five random fingers.
  9. Beat-box to any song you like
  10. Bite your tongue and recite A-Z
  11. Demonstrate a six-feet tall woman/man entering a race car
  12. Demonstrate how to eat noodles with chopsticks
  13. Close your eyes and open the SMS app in your phone
  14. Dance to an imaginary Salsa song
  15. Dance without beat
  16. Counting 1-10 in a second language.
  17. Crush a paper coffee cup and stuff into your mouth
  18. Cry like a newborn baby
  19. Dance like a ballerina in a ballet show
  20. Dance to an imaginary Salsa song
  21. Mention five cities outside your continent
  22. Mimic a perfect cat-eye.
  23. Mount two textbooks on your head and walk briskly around the room without losing balance
  24. How many states are there in Mainland America?
  25. Mention 5 objects you can find in the kitchen and tell what they are used for exactly. Their real purpose
  26. Hula-hoop round and round the room
  27. I am an Eskimo, what is the name of the house I built with ice?
  28. Mention 5 Irish surnames
  29. Mention 5 Spanish Names.
  30. Invent a challenge, and do it.
  31. Invent a new word and define it.
  32. Jog or run at a spot and count to 20 nonstop
  33. Jump and touch the ceiling.
  34. Kiss every finger separately.
  35. Kiss your last toenail.
  36. Name 3 countries with border walls or fences
  37. Name 5 South American countries and their capitals
  38. Order a pizza in 7 seconds.
  39. Paint one of your fingernails.
  40. Kiss someone’s feet
  41. Name 5 countries in the EU.
  42. Place your foot over your head.
  43. Name 5 past US presidents.
  44. Respond to a 911 medical emergency.
  45. Spell Singapore backward
  46. Spell your name using body gestures
  47. Name 5 objects in your bag and then bring them out for all to see
  48. Show me the North and the East of your present location
  49. Sing the Alphabets Backward.

The 7 Second Challenge – Apps on Google Play- Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas

7 second challenge app features

The following are the features of the best 7-second challenge Ideas App which is available on google play store.

Features- Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas

  • Add in your own 7-second challenges
  • Completely free to play
  • Hundreds of fun challenges
  • Play with up to 20 players
  • Keep track of player scores
  • Frequently updated with more content
  • This is a Family-friendly game. Also,this game doesn’t contain any inappropriate content making it the perfect game to play with Kids, Teens, and Adults.

Get The AppBest 7-Second Challenge Ideas

7 Second Challenge Celebrities Questions- Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas

7 second challenge celebrities


  1. Justin Bieber is to Canada as Adele is to…?
  2. Courtesy in front of the Queen of England
  3. Mimic Donald Trump?
  4. In the movie The Terminator, who played the lead role? Name two other movies he starred in
  5. Walk like a royal emerging from a castle
  6. Kiley Jenner is famous for…?
  7. Describe Kim Kardashian without saying her name
  8. Spell Mark Zuckerberg
  9. Name all the Kardashians on Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  10. Whip your hair like Willow Smith
  11. What is the name of the only African American Formula 1 driver and champion?
  12. Walk like a royal emerging from a castle
  13. Who is the Duchess of Sussex?
  14. Which female artiste has the most Grammy awards of all time?
  15. Who is the Canadian that sang ‘I Drove All Night’? Sing the chorus

7 Second Challenge Spelling Questions- Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas

Can you tell the spelling of a difficult word within 7 seconds, then let’s know about such spellings which are really difficult to spell in 7 seconds. Try out these spelling from the list of the best 7 second challenge ideas

  1. Spell Czechoslovakia
  2. Spell Archetypal
  3. Spell Pronunciation
  4. Spell Sanctimonious
  5. Spell Aberration
  6. Spell Ambivalent
  7. Spell Phlegmatic
  8. Spell Presbyterian
  9. Spell Anesthesia
  10. Spell Archetypal
  11. Spell Bureau
  12. Spell Camaraderie
  13. Spell Caribbean
  14. Spell Hypothetical
  15. Spell Maintenance
  16. Spell Millennium
  17. Spell onomatopoeia
  18. Spell Ostracism
  19. Spell Philanthropic
  20. Spell Eczema
  21. Spell Embezzlement
  22. Spell Enfranchise
  23. Spell Forbearance
  24. Spell Gonorrhea
  25. Spell Grandiloquent

7 Second Challenge Animals Questions- Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas

Do you also search for the best 7-second challenge ideas about animals? Here are some animal-related best 7-second challenge ideas and tasks.

  1. The babies of Swan are known as?
  2. A group of kittens is known as?
  3. How many legs a crab has?
  4. Name the world’s poisonous spider.
  5. Make 5 animal sounds.
  6. A group of deer is known as?
  7. Which animal never sleeps?
  8. A group of lions is known as?
  9. How many legs a crab has?
  10. How many legs a mosquito has?
  11. Tweet like a beautiful nightingale bird
  12. Name 5 famous hurricanes in the last 10 years
  13. Which animal has the longest lifespan?
  14. Name the smallest mammal of the world.
  15. How many weather seasons does America have?

7 Second Challenge Sports Questions- Best 7 Second challenge ideas

We have a great list of sports lover as well! the following is the list of sports-themed best 7 second challenge ideas which you can use for your sports friends.

  1. Mention 5 football stadia in the world
  2. Mention 10 Olympic gold medal winners
  3. Who is the most decorated Olympian of all time, and what sport does the person thrive in?
  4. Mention 5 players playing in the English Premiership League
  5. Mention 5 NBA MVPs
  6. Which racing driver holds the record for the best Formula One World Drivers’ Championship wins, with seven titles?
  7. Mention 5 famous heavyweight boxers
  8. Football is to America as Cricket is to India, what is the most popular sport in Brazil?
  9. Dab like Usain Bolt does after he wins a race.
  10. Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls?

Try out these best 7 second challenge ideas and have a lot of fun playing these amazing games.

7 Second Challenge Movie Questions- Best 7 Second Challenge Ideas

 The following is the list of the Best 7-second challenge ideas for the movie and Netflix lovers! Find some amazing 7-second challenge movie idea and enjoy them with your friends and family!

  1. Name 5 Marvel Movies.
  2. Say “My Precious” mimicking Gollum’s voice
  3. What was the name of the Night King’s army in Game of Thrones?
  4. Name 5 Characters from Star Wars
  5. Name three characters in the movie Avengers
  6. Say “I’ll be back” in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice
  7. Name 5 James Bond Movies
  8. Say “I’m as dumb as dumb can be” in Forrest’s voice as seen in the movie Forrest Gump?
  9. Name 5 Muscles in the human body
  10. Name 5 plays written by Shakespeare
  11. Complete the sentence: “When you play the game of thrones…”
  12. Earth is located in which galaxy?
  13. If you have arachnophobia, which animal are you scared of?
  14. In Avengers Infinity War, name 5 characters that survived Thanos’ snap
  15. Mention 5 characters who survived till the end of Game of Thrones

I hope you liked the best 7-second Challenge ideas list there are all types of challenges for everyone as we have various different categories of the 7-second challenge games. You can also use these games for youtube as well. Record the challenge and post them on YouTube or send it to your friends and family to see their reaction!

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