8 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Realize Your Importance.

8 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Value You More

Well, he is the love of your life and then thinking about how to make him realize my value would be pretty tough.. Does your boyfriend is ignoring your texts and calls? He is not greeting the you the way he used to do earlier? He is not making you feel special anymore? You are the one who is always planning the dates? If your answer to all these questions is YES, Then you’ve definitely landed in the perfect place.

So, these are some of the signs that your love or your boyfriend stops seeing your importance as a “WORTHY” girlfriend. Though this statement will definitely hurt you a lot but not more than the way he is behaving with you right now!

It really hurts, when your boyfriend leaves you in this situation and all the anxiety crawls in leaving you with a big question mark about “What to do to make him realize my Value”. Well, keeping it really sweet and simple, to make him value you more- Increase your value and Decrease his value.

We all know that relationships are not perfect all the time, there are many ups and downs in every relationship. But there comes a time where you need to hold on and take some steps to improve and channelize your relationship. So take a deep breath and Implement these 8 guaranteed amazing ways in your relationship and watch your boyfriend coming back to you the way he was before.


To be valued and desired is every woman’s wish. So, for that all you need to do is, analyze what do you really want & what you deserve- that is to be loved, cared for, understood and the most important valued by your partner. Look at yourself right away in the mirror and ask yourself do you really deserve to get hurt by him all the time? No, right! You are amazing. Hence, value yourself, don’t let his actions take control of your thoughts. In fact, he is very lucky to have you and should treasure you the way you treasure him.


Give him cold shoulder, that will definitely make him realize the intensity of the issue. Don’t answer his calls take a longer time than you usually take. Make him wait for your text replies. Avoid seeing him all the time, continue with this behavior until and unless he realizes there is something very serious going on and he needs to buck up and come to you to sort it out.


It’s high time now, all this time you were a fantastic girlfriend taking care of all his needs, his feelings, emotions and now you’re here searching for ways to make him realize your value. I know you definitely love him but please stop putting yourself down each and every time. Now, it is the correct time to give him the taste of his own medicine. Stop being around him, when he really needs you. Immediately back off when he asks for the details about your day. Make him guess where are you and what are you up too!

Meantime ignore all his calls and messages to make sure he is feeling what he made you feel. Do not back off with this tactic in just 2-3 days, follow it like a ritual until he is forced to figure out what is happening in the relationship.


All this time, you both have enjoyed a lot by hanging out with each other, spending maximum weekends together, but for now, put a tight brake on it and start making your own plans. Yes, your own! Hang out with your crowd, your colleagues, friends, and family. Tell him that you’re going away with your friends for the weekend and you will be back by Monday.

Maybe, you wanna tell him that you are going out with guys and your girlfriends and you don’t plan coming home as you will crash at your friend’s place. I bet you this will definitely make him wonder why are you not planning the stuff with him. Well, the vaguer you’re the better. This will definitely make him worried as drinking and distance are never a good combination.

Along with it, it will be nice slap on his face to make him think about his actions, otherwise, you will be gone for good.


Well, if you feel like this is very stupid or nonsense. Please read it completely. In this case, all you need to do is to make him think that you might be with some other man and trust me that is going to shout very loud and will make his vision clear that he is losing you.

If he genuinely loves you, he will tighten his pants immediately and will start working harder for you.


Remember the time, when you both started dating and he was trying his best to get you? It made you feel very special, isn’t it? Men are hard workers by nature, especially when they do something they actually love they give their best! Men like to take the challenge as it makes more interesting for them because they have to work a lot to EARN It! The longer you will make him wait, the more satisfying your meeting will be. The more challenge you present, the more interested he will be.

Men like to work hard to win over one particular woman, They feel accomplished after earning her attention, her love and yes complete HER. Therefore, always challenge him to try a little harder, by the time you chill and enjoy the show.


Seriously, you are not giving your boyfriend a chance to miss you, if you are stuck with all the clingy crap. Please do not tend to hang all around him, that is really not doing anything for you. Stop pleasing him, begging him for the things you deserve naturally. This will make him more distant from you. If you want your boyfriend to worry about losing you, step back and show him that you are independent enough to deal with each and everything.

The minute he realizes that you are stronger than he thought, he will shape his actions to save his love, or else he will lose it.


Last, but not least, When you do some extra things for yourself, that will make him fret about losing you! Perhaps you can hit the gym and lose a few pounds of weight, go for a lingerie shopping, get your makeover done, just do everything for yourself. Focus on you. Use social media to show him, that you are having a lot of fun without him, take negligible interest in his life stories. Make him realize you have much better things to do than to please him and save the relationship.


After reading the whole article, you are definitely feeling boosted enough to step back and implement these amazing 8 pointers to bring him on the track. Let him take the accountability of what he has been ruining all this time and make him work hard to earn it back. Definitely you will get back your healthy relationship and once again you will enjoy everything with your beloved without getting hurt.