5 Golden Rules For Dating A Married Man Affair Survival

rules for dating a married man


rules for dating a married man

I know it’s bad really bad. In fact, more than bad it’s really tough to deal with that situation! Dating a married man is really not easy initially. Because being a sensitive girl emotions start flowing and there you come stuck between the thoughts like am I crossing my limit? or does he really loves me? or he is trying to manipulate me or taking advantage of me? I can totally understand this mind psychology and the reason behind it. Well, it’s true you cannot drag it forever but before quitting it let’s make it rewarding for you with these Rules For Dating A Married Man!

In this modern era where relationships are getting more practical day by day, the ratio of extramarital affairs has been increasing too! But this culture of having a side chic apart from their married life isn’t that new. Well, this post will help those single ladies who are dating a married man.

A woman who is in love with a married man can only realize the pain of being a secret all the time, whilst her friends are flaunting out with their perfect relationships! Her chance for happiness links to the future that is highly uncertain. But with these Rules for dating a married man will give you a clear picture of where do you exactly stand in his life!

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Rules For Dating A Married Man

Your own survival is very crucial for you. Don’t lower your standard or self esteem for a relationship where you are being served not even half of what you really deserve! Follow the rules and step up your game.


in love with a married man

Yes, my dear girlfriends. He already has one. He married her and not you! This explains a lot right. Forget about the sweet sugar-coated words he keeps telling to you. He might also promise to bring the world to you. But you don’t have to trust him. He might even say that he will leave his wife and will marry you. Trust me that’s really not going to happen. There are very rare cases where a married man leaves their wives and get married to their lovers.

The advice of not doing the wifey stuff for him is basically not to nag him. His wife already nags a lot there! You are just a beautiful seductive distraction and attraction to him. So, better be in your lane otherwise you’ll be out before you even know it. Therefore, to keep that hot sizzling love routine smooth you need to play your distraction role very well.

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2. Take It Slow- Don’t Be Clingy

rules for dating a married man

Yes, if you are dating a married man it’s very obvious that he might be a lot or a little elder to you. And that gap might end up having some daddy issues. Like don’t call him unnecessarily, don’t give him any random calls, or don’t force him to meet up and spend time with you. There is a chance that he only will schedule your meetings and sexual routine due to his other liabilities like his wife and family. If you will force him that will make him think about the relationship and it’s worse consequences.

A fact to be marked here, you will never ever outweigh his priorities. He will never prioritize you in any case. He might even leave you in the middle of dinner just because of one phone call from his wife. It doesn’t matter how much negative he talks about his married life with you. Whether he loves her truly or not, they both have a bond and friendship of years and a shared social network that he will not risk losing that!

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3. Be Smart With Your Request- Best Rules For Dating A Married Man

rules for dating a married man

While being in a relationship with a married man, make sure there is some advantage of having it. There are times where you may need his financial help or any other stuff. But make sure to play smart with this rule for dating a married man. Don’t just go and ask him “babe I need 200,00” Be smooth with it. Ask for it after giving him the best kind of love of his life! Also, read Best Fun Games For Couples

After all, you are not his primary responsibility. He has his wife and children to take care of. Therefore this rule for dating a married man will help you to get through it gracefully. Also, remember that legally, financially, and emotionally you have no claim over him. No matter how good he is, he might also have a feeling of deep love for you but he is a lot practical than you! Period.

4. Don’t Let Him Take Advantage Of You

i  love with a married man

The most important rule you need to follow when you’re in love with a married man. Don’t be that woman who loses all her self respect and dignity while being in such relationships. You need to be very careful and take an account of all his actions. Apart from the great lovemaking, he can manipulate you in all the possible ways to keep the cake with himself. He might try to control your actions, your life, and your decisions as well. Stay away from such consequences and step out immediately if you see such traits from your relationship.

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I’ve seen such women who submit themselves entirely in such relationships and forget their role and their identity as a person. Don’t be too blind in love and ignore all the red flags. Behave smart and look for clues. Think of all the situations and times where you needed him the most and he wasn’t there. By this time, he is clever enough to analyse your weakness just don’t give him what he wants. In such case, take your stand and move on!

5. Keep Your Options Available By Meeting Other People

rules for dating  a married man

You love this married man. In fact, you are deeply in love with this married man. But my dear girlfriend, he is already taken! Yes, that’s the reality. And you need to accept it. There are times when you get so lost in the relationship that you isolate yourself and think about that one person day and night who is not serving you half even. He has a good stable life out there he has his common friends with his wife, his family, children, and their daily routine. You are just like an occasion for him. Also, read 10 Best Dating Apps In 2020

You must have your life too! keep meeting new people, hang out with your friends more often and keep dating as well. Don’t cuff your hands for this one person untill and unless you are okay being a mistress to him. For your sanity and well being.


Coming towards the bottom line of Rules For Dating A Married Man, in my opinion, NEVER DATE ONE! Why do you want to put yourself down and be in a relationship with a taken guy? There are plenty of fishes out there. You will get a better one with an extra inch to cherish your life! By the time happy reading. Do let me know your opinions in the comment section below.