Top 7 Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money In 2020

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Are you thinking to start your own “Blog”? Are you getting attracted to the “Blogging” industry?  If yes then this BLOG will help you to start your BLOG. In this blog post, you will know about the topmost profitable BLOG NICHE which you want to add in your Blogs. There are lots of popular blogs out there who make loads of money yeah? Do you know how do they make money? What is the reason behind it?

In this post, I will explain what niches are and how these niches are perfect for the blogging industry. Let’s go!

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What Is A Blog Niche And Why It Is Important For blogging?

A blog niche is a specific topic you’ll write about on your blog. Blogging is an excellent way to make money online but you need to write great content and this content and topic which you will select are called BLOG NICHE.

Are you struggling to find a topic or niche for your blog?  You want to start a blog but you don’t have any niche idea or keywords that can make some easy money?

Well, now you don’t have to worry about it much. As there are some niches and keywords that indicate that sometime there is easy money as well.

There are hundreds of people out there who have already created websites or blogs on these niches and keywords after reading my post. And many of them are successful in generating traffic and money. I am sure you can also get success if you create a website or blog on any of these niches. You can also find another 7 BEST BLOG NICHE in my next post so keep in touch and follow the BLOGS.


If you are an Indian then the most important BLOG NICHE is a SARKARI NAUKRI that you must have to work on it. In this NICHE the best part is that you do not have to write much of content neither you have to do SEO. If I am saying that no need to write content it means that here content is fixed, either you have to copy and paste or make some minor changes or write a little if you can. And no SEO means you do not need to do proper SEO work on it. You just need to do on-page SEO and basic Backlinks.

Let me tell you more about this BLOG NICHE. In India, the search for this NICHE is as much as any other NICHE search is done in India. How many of you have also applied for government jobs, they would know about these 3 websites.


Can you guess how much traffic these sites will have? And how much income does the minimum traffic make?

I think you are now convinced that what is the strength of this NICHE. But before ending this topic I would like to tell you the brief what needs to be done to work in this niche.



  • Domain Name – Try to include words like Sarkari Naukri, Govt Jobs, Govt Recruitment, etc.
  • Daily Job Posting-Frequency – Minimum 20-30
  • Other Categories – Application Forms & Exam Results.
  • Subscribe job Sources – Employment News, News Paper, Companies career pages, etc.
  • Post URL – Update new Requirement on old URL & Index it through the webmaster.
  • SEO – Focus on ON-PAGE. No need for high-quality backlinks.
  • Income – CPC & CTR is low so, experiment & grow income. Also, try Affiliate.
  • Job Details – Don’t copy-paste from other sites. Refer official document.
  • Grow More – Try to experiment with your ideas.

2. PNR  STATUS- Easiest Blog Niche To Make Money Online

The Second best BLOG NICHE is PNR STATUS. In India, 2.5 million people travel by train in just 1 day. Millions of these people who book tickets in advance do not get their confirmed tickets. Their reservation status is either waiting or either RAC.

Millions of such people visit the websites to check their PNR status to know their reservation status. But through such a lot of websites that use the same tool of Railways, provide people their PNR STATUS. So that any person can go and check their PNR status on these websites. And just to check this one thing, traffic comes in millions on these websites. Let’s see how this one keyword can bring millions of traffic to your websites and blogs.

If I go to the keyword explorer of the Ahrefs website and research PNR, then you can see that the world of PNR is searched in millions and there are more than 22k keywords in which people use PNR. Let me show you the Image.

So let me tell you how you can make a good website and Blog by using this BLOG NICHE.

Alexa – Are you a frequent traveler?
Want to know your PNR status with this lightweight and really fast skill ?.
Here is a skill for you.


Check your PNR status here-

3.LYRICS- Trending Blog Niche

The more people are willing to listen to the song, the more they start to hum. But some people forget some words or some sentences while singing a song. So such people need readymade lyrics to hum any song. You can help such people. You have created a website with lyrics, listen to the songs, write them well on your website. Newly launched songs have the highest demand and search for lyrics. But old songs also have a good search for lyrics. Now let me show you the traffic of some lyrics websites.

You can get the idea of this NICHE potential by seeing these statistics. If you want to write a website or blog using this NICHE, then pay attention to the following points.


4. QUOTES & BIOGRAPHY- Best Blog Niche To Get Traffic

There is a lot of competition in today’s world, people have a lot of demotivation. Many people need a daily routine of motivation to get ahead in life. For this reason, Motivational channels on YouTube are growing significantly. You can also motivate people By creating a website or blog where you can write good Quotes. You can post a success story or a biography story of successful people. So let’s see about some successful website that writes about quotes and biography.

This BLOG NICHE is very easy to create a website or blog if you are interested. To make a blog or website about its word, then definitely pay attention to some things.



Do you know the total of banking codes in India?

25 lakh bank branches in India; each branch has its own separate IFSC code. State-wise also every bank’s MIRCO code is different. And each bank’s SWIFT code is different for each country. This IFSC code, MIRCO Code and SWIFT create big confusion for the people.

Millions of people need these codes daily to make some important transactions. It is easier to search in Google than to call customer care in the bank or check these codes in your checkbook. Therefore, many websites publish IFSC codes, MICRO codes of every bank on their website. Traffic comes in millions on these websites.


6.  COMMODITY PRICE- Top 7 Blog Niche Ideas

What is the rate of Gold Today, Today, What is the rate of Gold today? Friends I am talking about Yellow color shining metal Gold here. Silver price, Dollar Price, Euro Price, Share price, Metal price. This is all such a word that the same person searches several times a month. All you have to do is create a website or a blog. Daily you have to update the latest price of these commodities on your website or blog.



Do you want to buy clothes from Myntra or recharge mobile from PAYTM? Buy groceries from Big Basket or book movie tickets from Bookmyshow. you need coupons or deals to get a discount. Anytime you search in Google coupon or deal, you will find many websites that provide coupons and deals of this type. Like DesiDimel, deals, Couponraja, couponrani, etc. Let see the traffic of these websites and when you check the traffic of these websites, then you will know how much potential of the word it has.

In this type of website you have to pay a little attention to SEO, then the content is available on every merchant website. You cannot earn Google AdSense money from this type of website. Affiliate marketing can also earn quite a lot. There are many merchants or advertisers in India who provide coupons and deals as well as run their affiliate marketing. If you want to work in this NICHE then you have to pay attention to the points given below.


Well, till now you might have got the clarity about TOP 7 BLOG NICHE IDEAS with which you can get a lot of traffic and start earning money online. So guys, what are you waiting for? Select one of the best niches and create your blog. Stay tuned for the next post HOW TO START A SUCCESSFUL BLOG. For some more ideas with some technical tips read the article.