5 Successful Kickstarter Campaigns Of All The Time

Hello dear readers, last time we completed a detailed version of the top 5 most successful Kickstarter campaigns and promised to come up to with the next top 5 list very soon! And here we are! Today I am going to share the next top 5 Kickstarter campaigns of all the time.

We all would have an idea to start something creative like to start your chocolate factory, your video game factory, or any other creative or unique products. Kickstarter is an amazing platform to make your dreams come true. Their people with such creative ideas can come up with their projects and people who really believe it willingly provides good funding for that and boom eventually it grows! That’s the reason campaigns conducted there have always a kickstart.

Therefore, without wasting much of time let’s start off with the 5 most successful Kickstarter campaigns right away!

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5 Successful Kickstarter Campaigns Of All The Time

Below mentioned are the most successful Kickstarter campaigns which you’ll love knowing about. The ideas and the creativity behind these projects will highly inspire you to create something or to present or take your project to amazing heights!


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In 2008 Adam boots were at jury duty bored out of his mind. He turned to a rule book for a role-playing game to battle. Also, he and his boredom were struck with a momentous idea. He felt that he could simplify and improve the gameplay and create an aesthetically enjoyable board game using unique figurines. The first figurine took years of his life. Ten thousand dollars of his own money and seventeen hundred dollars from Kickstarter to get off the ground. But once he found a design he liked he found a manufacturer in Europe who could make them for much cheaper. But it was still years before Poots managed to find success for his game.

He had failed a Kickstarter for an iOS app in 2010 and decided to refocus on his board game characters. His first iteration of Kingdom death earned more than two million dollars. After this, the game became extremely popular through word-of-mouth. And when Poots released the sequel in 2016 the game earned nearly 12,400,000 million dollars pledged from nineteen thousand two hundred and sixty four backers at its conclusion.

Kingdom death monster was the highest-earning game project funded through Kickstarter to that point. since then Poots has spun off different games and a series of expansions making Kingdom Death one of the most profitable game franchises in recent history.


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The Coolest Cooler is one of the most pragmatic projects in the history of Kickstarter. Yet it has a reputation. As one of the biggest disasters in the history of the site as a product designer in Oregon Ryan Grepper; who has a good idea of what products are the public desired in 2014. He used this knowledge to create an all-in-one cooler with a host of wild features among other things. His coolest cooler blends drinks pop open bottles, pulls out wine corks, plays music, charges devices via USB, as a paring knife and plastic plates roll-on, beach-ready wheels and hold a center divider that doubles as a cutting board.

But unsurprisingly such an advanced device is difficult to engineer in an efficient way. Gripper made the price tag reflect this charging almost $200 for each device. This didn’t deter the public from snapping them up. The company raised more than 13 million dollars through Kickstarter in just three months. But the company ran into some production problems that persist to this day of the backers-only.

One in three ever received their cooler. Since then angry backer shave threatened the company with legal action and physical violence. As of 2017, the Oregon Department of Justice has stepped in to guarantee the fulfillment of the remaining coolers. Though they have yet to materialize.


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Pebble began attracting attention via crowdfunding in 2012. During its first Kickstarter campaign. The original Pebble smartwatch raised more than ten million dollars with the help of 69,000 backers since the original target. For that effort was only a hundred thousand dollars. It seemed very obvious that the market was ripe for what pebble offered the consumers. The black Friday shopping holiday became more enticing for tech-savvy deal conscious consumers.

When the watch arrived on Amazon besides merely offering the pebble. The e-commerce retailer offered a 15% discount on the pebbles. The second Kickstarter campaign which occurred in 2015  broke a record on the first day by raising 1 million dollars in only 49 minutes a week. Later the crowd-funded project became the most funded campaign in Kickstarter’s history racking up within 13,300,000 million dollars.

In pledges between all its campaigns, the Pebble watch earned more than 43 million dollars. But after a series of lackluster holiday seasons, It was clear that the pebble wasn’t making its sales goals. After a few years, the company started searching desperately for a bailout, this came in 2016 when pebble closed its doors and Fit bit paid 23 million dollars for its remaining intellectual property and a few key employees.


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Reading Rainbow was an educational show for children. Which ran from 1983 until 2006. After a very successful run, the show was canceled and its host Levar Burton was wondering what to do with his life. He had a recurring role on Star Trek and got occasional acting gigs but he still pined for the days of Reading Rainbow. So, in May 2014 he initiated one of the most ambitious crowdfunding projects in modern history.

Intended to bring Reading Rainbow into the digital age. Burton sought to raise 1 million dollars in the course of a month investors responded with 6.4 million dollars. In 2016 Burton launched the first big project to emerge from those Kickstarter funds. Skybrary a subscription-based online library of interactive children’s literature.

A one-year subscription of the Reading Rainbow Skybrary for a single classroom costs a hundred and seventy-nine dollars for up to 35 students. Or fourteen hundred and fifty per school for up to three hundred and fifty students schools have to apply. But with the money raised on the Kickstarter campaign the company program will be gifted to as many as 10,000 classrooms in need.



Pono was a short-lived digital music player meant specifically for high-quality audio. It was the brainchild of beloved musician Neil Young. His intention was to present songs as they first sound during recorded studio sessions. U sing high-resolution 24-bit 192-kilo hertz audio instead of the compressed audio inferiority that mp3’s offered.

Young help to persuade more than 18,000 people to back PONO music Kickstarter. In 2015 the company made a portable digital music player called Pono player as well as an online store that will sell music downloads at a higher resolution than rivals like Apple’s iTunes. The reviews of the player were mixed and sales were poor in 2017. Neil announced that PONO would cease production permanently.


So dear readers, these were our next 5 successful Kickstarter campaigns. I bet these will definitely inspire you to put your ideas in a more creative way. Also, this proves that with a strong mind and a new idea we can create a whole new invention. For more interesting topics comment in the comment section below. till then, Stay tuned!

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